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TV Show
1h 0m
Drama, Adventure
1 Season
13 Episodes
Crusoe is a television adventure drama based loosely on the novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. The series' 13 episodes aired on NBC during the first half of the 2008–2009 television season. It follows the adventures of Robinson Crusoe: a man who has been shipwrecked on an island for six years and is desperate to return home to his wife and children. His lone companion is Friday, a native whom Crusoe rescued and taught English.
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Latest Episodes

The Return
The Return
Season 1 Episode 13
January 31st 2009
The Traveler
The Traveler
Season 1 Episode 12
January 24th 2009
The Hunting Party
The Hunting Party
Season 1 Episode 11
January 17th 2009
Smoke and Mirrors
Smoke and Mirrors
Season 1 Episode 10
January 10th 2009
The Name of the Game
The Name of the Game
Season 1 Episode 9
December 20th 2008
Heroes and Villains
Heroes and Villains
Season 1 Episode 8
December 6th 2008
Bad Blood
Bad Blood
Season 1 Episode 7
November 21st 2008
Long Pig
Long Pig
Season 1 Episode 6
November 14th 2008
High Water
High Water
Season 1 Episode 5
November 7th 2008
The Mutineers
The Mutineers
Season 1 Episode 4
October 31st 2008
Sam Neill
Jeremiah Blackthorn
Philip Winchester
Robinson Crusoe
Joaquim de Almeida
Santos Santana
Sean Bean
James Crusoe
Anna Walton
Susannah Crusoe
Emma Barnett
Mary Crusoe

Featured Comments/Tips

tvjackson says...
4 months ago
I don't like story telling styles that use flashbacks. They distract from the present moment. It feels like the flashbacks are a built in spoiler that he makes it off the island to deal with all the issues the flashbacks tell us about. If not, they wasted our time bringing them up.
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glasgow1975 says...
8 years ago
Was his desert island slap bang in the middle of a shipping lane? Lol Crusoe got more visitors than I do!
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
Maston says...
10 years ago
Awesome tv series :) But it was too short.
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