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Dinosaur King Poster

Dinosaur King

TV Show
tv asahi
Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Anime
2 Seasons
79 Episodes
Dinosaur King is a card-based arcade game from Sega that uses the same gameplay mechanics from Mushiking but uses super-powered dinosaurs instead of beetles. The game was revealed in JAMMA 2005 and is available in Japanese and English versions. A Nintendo DS version has also been released in North America. In the fall of 2008, Upper Deck Company released a Dinosaur King Trading Card Game. This card game is not to be confused with the cards used for the arcade machines. The series has been adapted into an anime TV series, Ancient Ruler Dinosaur King DKidz Adventure, which is made by Sunrise and premiered on TV Asahi on February 4, 2007. As of 2008, an English adaptation aired on the 4Kids TV block on the Fox Network, but moved to The CW's The CW4Kids block on September 6, 2008. A sequel was announced called "Ancient Ruler Dinosaur King DKidz Adventure: Pterosaur Legend," which debuted February 3, 2008 in Japan. The show ended its run in Japan in late 2008.
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Latest Episodes

Fate of the Cosmos
Fate of the Cosmos
Season 2 Episode 30
August 31st 2008
Clash for the Cosmos Stones
Clash for the Cosmos Stones
Season 2 Episode 29
August 24th 2008
The Search for the Last Cosmos Stone
The Search for the Last Cosmos Stone
Season 2 Episode 28
August 17th 2008
The Forest Fire Effect
The Forest Fire Effect
Season 2 Episode 27
August 10th 2008
Bad Deal
Bad Deal
Season 2 Episode 26
August 3rd 2008
The Haunted Hunt
The Haunted Hunt
Season 2 Episode 25
July 27th 2008
All For One
All For One
Season 2 Episode 24
July 20th 2008
The Wee Musketeers
The Wee Musketeers
Season 2 Episode 23
July 13th 2008
The French Conniption
The French Conniption
Season 2 Episode 22
July 6th 2008
Malice in the Palace
Malice in the Palace
Season 2 Episode 21
June 29th 2008

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