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Doa Flor y sus dos maridos Poster

Doña Flor y sus dos maridos

TV Show
Las Estrellas
1 Season
65 Episodes
The story revolves around Flor (Ana Serradilla), a happy and beautiful woman who knows Valentín (Joaquín Ferreira) a "man's disaster", but even so she likes him as he is, everything was cheerful, fun and lived happy, but due to Valentín's problems, he dies. And in the midst of the loneliness and pain of having lost her husband. Teodoro (Sergio Mur), Ana's friend and who was always in love with her, decides to start conquering her. Everything was fine, "normal, calm and a little boring" as a marriage should be. Until in one night Ana asks for a wish "that her husband returns", until suddenly her wish comes true. And now Ana does not know how to live with the ghost of her late husband and her current husband.
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Latest Episodes

Episode 65
Episode 65
Season 1 Episode 65
June 21st 2019
Episode 64
Episode 64
Season 1 Episode 64
June 20th 2019
Episode 63
Episode 63
Season 1 Episode 63
June 19th 2019
Episode 62
Episode 62
Season 1 Episode 62
June 18th 2019
Episode 61
Episode 61
Season 1 Episode 61
June 17th 2019
Episode 60
Episode 60
Season 1 Episode 60
June 14th 2019
Episode 59
Episode 59
Season 1 Episode 59
June 13th 2019
Episode 58
Episode 58
Season 1 Episode 58
June 12th 2019
Episode 57
Episode 57
Season 1 Episode 57
June 11th 2019
Episode 56
Episode 56
Season 1 Episode 56
June 10th 2019
Ana Serradilla
María Florencia "Flor" Méndez Can...
Joaqun Ferreira
Valentín Hernández
Sergio Mur
Teodoro "Teo" Hidalgo Flores
Ximena Ayala
Rosalía Méndez Canúl
Mariluz Bermdez
Samantha Cabrera de Serrano
Rebecca Jones
Margarita Canúl
Alejandro Calva
Octavio Mercader Serrano
Roberto Blandon
Óscar Hidalgo
Carlos Corona
Padre Elpidio
Liz Gallardo
Mariana Santos Cruz
Created By: Jorge Amado

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