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Emerald City

TV Show
Drama, Action & Adventure, Fantasy
1 Season
10 Episodes
In the blink of a tornado’s eye, 20-year-old Dorothy Gale and her K9 police dog are transported to another world, one far removed from our own — a mystical land of competing kingdoms, lethal warriors, dark magic and a bloody battle for supremacy. This is the fabled Land of Oz in a way you’ve never seen before, where wicked witches don’t stay dead for long and a young girl becomes a headstrong warrior who holds the fate of kingdoms in her hands.
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Latest Episodes

No Place Like Home
No Place Like Home
Season 1 Episode 10
March 3rd 2017
The Villain Thats Become
The Villain That's Become
Season 1 Episode 9
February 24th 2017
Lions in Winter
Lions in Winter
Season 1 Episode 8
February 17th 2017
They Came First
They Came First
Season 1 Episode 7
February 10th 2017
Beautiful Wickedness
Beautiful Wickedness
Season 1 Episode 6
February 3rd 2017
Everybody Lies
Everybody Lies
Season 1 Episode 5
January 27th 2017
Science and Magic
Science and Magic
Season 1 Episode 4
January 20th 2017
Mistress  New  Mistress
Mistress - New - Mistress
Season 1 Episode 3
January 13th 2017
The Beast Forever
The Beast Forever
Season 1 Episode 1
January 6th 2017
Prison of the Abject
Prison of the Abject
Season 1 Episode 2
January 6th 2017

Featured Comments/Tips

chazTV says...
6 years ago
Was looking forward to this series, wound up being disappointed. I did like the mechanized flying-monkey drones, thought that was a clever reimagining. The rest was junk, like they didn't have enough money for effects and could only manage to sprinkle some yellow powder around for the 'road'. If the writers, producers, showrunner and director had free reign and more funds -- it could've been great imaginative storytelling. As-is, it's a slightly more adult version of ABC's "Once Upon a Time", and that isn't saying much. Another unfortunate example of homogenized primetime network television roadblocking of potential. Would rather to see a Netflix, HBO, or Showtime version of the same series.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  1403
Nancy L Draper says...
6 years ago
It's too early to tell whether this series will survive, but it has potential. It has a good cast, and the characters and their world have mysteries to reveal. It has so little to do with The Wizard of Oz it would have been better if it could shrug off the ill fitting mantle. It may have been the pitch that sold it to the network, but I think it just holds it back. So far I give it an 8 (potentially great) out of 10, but we will have to wait and see if it falters under the weight of it's unnecessary trappings.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
elsker says...
6 years ago
Interesting re-imagining of the Wizard of Oz, The first episode (double) felt a bit drawn out and the plot was a bit meandering. Hoping it improves, the lead actress seems good, some of the other acting is a little average. I was expecting more effects as it had been hyped up a lot but there were very few.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
MajorMercyFlush says...
6 years ago
This has had a very troubled production (starting back in 2014) with it being cancelled after being given a full series order, before production even began due to creative differences. A year later it was back on the cards but with a new showrunner so NBC are obviously pinning some hope to it. I am very interested to see what Tarsem Singh delivers now that he has come onboard as the director of the entire first season. Singh is visually masterful so I have no doubt that the look will live up to the "alternate telling, a dark, edgy version of The Wizard of Oz" that was original pitched to NBC, its just left to be seen how the writing stacks up against it. Fingers crossed.
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Featured User Reviews

CONTAINS SPOILERS9/10  6 years ago
Emerald City isn't a slavish update to the Wizard of Oz as some viewers might've expected. This series is something different; it takes the essential magic of Oz as we know it and gives it a darker, less saccharine ethos.

[spoiler]This show is a timely observation about the culture conflicts we More
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