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Heroes Reborn Poster

Heroes Reborn

Limited Series
Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama, Science Fiction
1 Season
13 Episodes
The supernatural phenomenon begins again with a fresh crop of inspiring heroes who take on the ultimate struggle between those with extraordinary abilities and those with nefarious motives to hunt and harness their powers. Epic adventures await these newly empowered allies as they cross paths with some of the original characters, unlocking the mysterious fate of the universe and their place within it.
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Latest Episodes

Project Reborn
Project Reborn
Season 1 Episode 13
January 21st 2016
Company Woman
Company Woman
Season 1 Episode 12
January 14th 2016
Send in the Clones
Send in the Clones
Season 1 Episode 11
January 7th 2016
1153 to Odessa
11:53 to Odessa
Season 1 Episode 10
November 19th 2015
Sundae Bloody Sundae
Sundae, Bloody Sundae
Season 1 Episode 9
November 12th 2015
June 13th  Part 2
June 13th - Part 2
Season 1 Episode 8
November 5th 2015
June 13th  Part 1
June 13th - Part 1
Season 1 Episode 7
October 29th 2015
Game Over
Game Over
Season 1 Episode 6
October 22nd 2015
The Lions Den
The Lion's Den
Season 1 Episode 5
October 15th 2015
The Needs of The Many
The Needs of The Many
Season 1 Episode 4
October 8th 2015
Kiki Sukezane
Miko Otomo
Judi Shekoni
Joanne Collins
Robbie Kay
Tommy Clarke
Rya Kihlstedt
Erica Kravid
Henry Zebrowski
Quentin Frady
Gatlin Green
Emily Duval
Ryan Guzman
Carlos Gutierrez
Jack Coleman
Noah Bennet
Zachary Levi
Luke Collins
Marco Grazzini
Oscar Gutierrez
Jimmy JeanLouis
The Haitian
Kevin Claydon
Officer Berkley
Eve Harlow
Taylor Kravid
Sarah Abbott
Malina jeune
Francesca Eastwood
Molly Walker
Lucius Hoyos
Jose Gutierrez
Hiro Kanagawa
Hachiro Otomo
Jason Jazrawy
Dr. Roberts
Greg Grunberg
Matt Parkman
Carlos Lacmara
Father Mauricio
Created By: Tim Kring

Featured Comments/Tips

midoriha_senpai says...
9 years ago
Interested to see where they take the new series.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  800
hlava says...
7 years ago
Just saw the last episode and I'm glad it's not going to continue because this was really really bad show. I don't understand why somebody has to make shit like this. I expected HEROES but it was one big disappointment :-(
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  500
peteo says...
7 years ago
I'm done. What started as middlingly good has gone to mediocrely blah. I can't believe I am stopping watching Heroes again. The original series was just awesome, but then it was pushed too far to keep money coming in. Darn it all :-(
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
NightPerseida says...
8 years ago
I thought it would be better than it is
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200

Featured User Reviews

CONTAINS SPOILERS5/10  8 years ago
I can see why they're pacing the series, why new characters are necessary, newer villains, etc. but it's not intriguing. it's lifeless. The show could have an episode dealing with paper cuts and having to find toilet paper over 35 minutes, fans would still watch it with anticipation.

Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  3403
5/10  3 years ago
Well this series needed a reboot after no one cared about characters or plot at the end in it's original series with a story seemingly going nowhere. This series at least focus again on a central threat and tries to put some of the thousands of numerous loose plot threads together. It was necess More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

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