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Inside Job

Inside Job (2021)

Full Cast & Crew

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PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes

Alex Hirsch
CrewProductionExecutive Producer10

Shion Takeuchi
CrewProductionExecutive Producer, Creator10

Andrew Daly
CastActorJ.R. Scheimpough (voice)10

Bobby Lee
CastActorDr. Andre (voice)10

Chris Diamantopoulos
CastActorROBOTUS (voice)10

Christian Slater
CastActorRand Ridley (voice)10

Clark Duke
CastActorBrett Hand (voice)10

John DiMaggio
CastActorGlenn Dolphman (voice)10

Lizzy Caplan
CastActressReagan Ridley (voice)10

Tisha Campbell-Martin
CastActressGigi (voice)10

Brett Gelman
CastActorMagic Myc (voice)10
PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes
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