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Inside the Worlds Toughest Prisons Poster

Inside the World's Toughest Prisons

TV Show
Channel 5, Netflix
Crime, Documentary
6 Seasons
23 Episodes
Crime journalist Paul Connolly goes behind the bars of some of the world’s most notorious and toughest prisons. Immersing himself in maximum security facilities around the world to live as a prisoner, he encounters the inmates locked up for their crimes and meets the men and women on the right side of law tasked with keeping the criminals behind bars.
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Netflix6 Seasons
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Latest Episodes

Moldova The Lifers Prison
Moldova: The Lifers Prison
Season 6 Episode 1
September 28th 2022
Cyprus The Utopian Prison
Cyprus: The Utopian Prison
Season 6 Episode 2
September 28th 2022
Bosnia The Mafia Prison
Bosnia: The Mafia Prison
Season 6 Episode 3
September 28th 2022
Greece The People Smugglers Prison
Greece: The People Smugglers Prison
Season 6 Episode 4
September 28th 2022
South Africa The Number Gangs Prison
South Africa: The Number Gangs Prison
Season 5 Episode 1
January 8th 2021
Philippines The War on Drugs Prison
Philippines: The War on Drugs Prison
Season 5 Episode 2
January 8th 2021
Greenland Prison in the Ice
Greenland: Prison in the Ice
Season 5 Episode 3
January 8th 2021
Paraguay The Most Dangerous Prison on Earth
Paraguay: The Most Dangerous Prison on Earth
Season 4 Episode 1
July 29th 2020
Germany The Therapy Prison
Germany: The Therapy Prison
Season 4 Episode 2
July 29th 2020
Mauritius The Extreme Punishment Prison
Mauritius: The Extreme Punishment Prison
Season 4 Episode 3
July 29th 2020

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geert2604 says...
one year ago
Great TV show, stay out them creepy places unreal
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fynh says...
5 months ago
Unfortunately the situations they are depicting not that believable..
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