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Kamen Rider

TV Show
tv asahi, TBS, NET
Drama, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
34 Seasons
1632 Episodes
Takeshi Hongo is a promising young man with a passion for motorcycle racing. However, his dreams are suddenly ruined when he gets kidnapped by Shocker, the evil secret organization planning to dominate the world. After being remodeled into a cyborg, Takeshi escapes and swears to protect the world from the inhuman monsters.
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USA Streaming Sources
Shout Factory TV Via Amazon Prime Season 1
Tubi TV Season 1
The Roku Channel Season 1
Pluto TV Season 1
Shout Factory TV Season 1


Amazon Season 1
Amazon Season 1
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Latest Episodes

The Darkness Pair Believe in Each Other
The Darkness Pair, Believe in Each Other
Season 34 Episode 31
April 14th 2024
A Rival Appears Gotcha and Juliet
A Rival Appears?! Gotcha and Juliet
Season 34 Episode 30
April 7th 2024
This Town Is Weeping
This Town Is Weeping
Season 34 Episode 29
March 31st 2024
Its Licking Bizarre Renge Visits Home
It's Licking Bizarre! Renge Visits Home!
Season 34 Episode 28
March 24th 2024
Gotcha X Hopper
Gotcha! X Hopper!
Season 34 Episode 27
March 17th 2024
Thwarting Evil The Jet Black Winds
Thwarting Evil. The Jet Black Winds
Season 34 Episode 26
March 10th 2024
The Faults of a Young Sensei
The Faults of a Young Sensei
Season 34 Episode 25
March 3rd 2024
A Sudden Twist The Forbidden Steel Rider
A Sudden Twist! The Forbidden Steel Rider!
Season 34 Episode 24
February 25th 2024
Always Hit Right in the Heart
Always Hit Right in the Heart
Season 34 Episode 23
February 18th 2024
Love Is a Saber A Sudden Chemy Story
Love Is a Saber! A Sudden Chemy Story
Season 34 Episode 22
February 11th 2024
Hiroshi Fujioka
Takeshi Hongo / Kamen Rider #1
Takeru Satoh
Ryotaro Nogami / Kamen Rider Den-O
Takeshi Sasaki
Hayato Ichimonji / Kamen Rider #2
Hideyoshi Kan
Ace Ukiyo / Kamen Rider Geats
Akiji Kobayashi
Tobei Tachibana
Ryuga Sato
Keiwa Sakurai / Kamen Rider Tycoon
Yasuharu Miura
Goro Ishikura
Chieko Morikawa
Ruriko Midorikawa
Yuna Hoshino
Neon Kurama / Kamen Rider Na-Go
Kazuto Mokudai
Michinaga Azuma / Kamen Rider Buffa
Ryo Ueno
Issei Miura
Jir Chiba
Taki Kazuya
Akira Nagata
Seigi Ozaki
So Okuno
Sougo Tokiwa / Kamen Rider Zi-O
Created By: Shotaro Ishinomori

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