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Kenan  Kel Poster

Kenan & Kel

TV Show
Family, Comedy, Kids
4 Seasons
62 Episodes
Set in Chicago, the show follows the kid-friendly misadventures of two high-school friends who are always scheming and dreaming. Kenan, who works at a grocery store, constantly devises crazy plans to strike it rich, while orange-soda-loving buddy Kel is always dragged along for the ride despite his track record for messing things up.
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Latest Episodes

The April Fools
The April Fools
Season 4 Episode 13
April 1st 2000
Tales from the Clip
Tales from the Clip
Season 4 Episode 12
January 14th 2000
Season 4 Episode 11
December 31st 1999
Oh Brother
Oh, Brother
Season 4 Episode 10
October 27th 1999
The Graduates
The Graduates
Season 4 Episode 9
October 9th 1999
Aw Here It Goes To Hollywood 1
Aw, Here It Goes To Hollywood (1)
Season 4 Episode 7
September 25th 1999
Aw Here It Goes To Hollywood 2
Aw, Here It Goes To Hollywood (2)
Season 4 Episode 8
September 25th 1999
Natural Born Kenan
Natural Born Kenan
Season 4 Episode 6
September 11th 1999
Three Girls A Guy and a Cineplex
Three Girls, A Guy and a Cineplex
Season 4 Episode 5
August 28th 1999
Car Trouble
Car Trouble
Season 4 Episode 4
August 21st 1999
Kenan Thompson
Kenan Rockmore
Kel Mitchell
Kel Kimble
Vanessa Baden
Kyra Rockmore
Ken Foree
Roger Rockmore
Bob Eubanks
Bob Eubanks
Kurt Loder
Kurt Loder
Cullen Douglas
Nervous Robber
Kim Fields
Miss Horn
Julie Brown
Julie Brown
Leland L Jones
William Buckman III
Joyce Brothers
Dr. Joyce Brothers
Rondell Sheridan
Officer McWiggins
TJ Thyne
Hysterical Man
David Alan Grier
David Alan Grier
Johnny Brown
Uncle Louie
Created By: Kim Bass

Featured Comments/Tips

Buddy_O says...
10 years ago
was rewatching some episodes recently.. it still holds up so hilarious.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
saarmaat says...
4 months ago
One of the best shows of my childhood
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
dunpealhunter says...
11 years ago
I had so much fun watching these episodes during my childhood! Definitely an A+ kids show. The acting dynamic between the main characters of the show Kenan & Kel (also their real names) was perfect! I've seen such a perfect acting partnership only a couple of other times: like with Scully & Mulder (The X-Files), Brennan and Booth (Bones) and (to some very limited degree) Castle & Beckett (Castle). Its nice to see that 2 guy (not gay) friends can put together such a show and where the dynamic between the two is working out so good. Its too bad that both Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell went their own seperate ways after this tv show. If they both sticked together who knows what other masterpieces they could have made.
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