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Law School

TV Show
1h 5m
1 Season
16 Episodes
Drama, Crime, Mystery
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Law School' Poster
Following the case of the murder of a professor at South Korea's top prestigious law school, professors and students become suspects in the murder.
Law School Poster

Law School

TV Show
1h 5m
Drama, Crime, Mystery
1 Season
16 Episodes
Following the case of the murder of a professor at South Korea's top prestigious law school, professors and students become suspects in the murder.
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Netflix1 Season
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Latest Episodes

Episode 16
Episode 16
Season 1 Episode 16
June 9th 2021
Episode 15
Episode 15
Season 1 Episode 15
June 3rd 2021
Episode 14
Episode 14
Season 1 Episode 14
June 2nd 2021
Episode 13
Episode 13
Season 1 Episode 13
May 27th 2021
Episode 12
Episode 12
Season 1 Episode 12
May 26th 2021
Episode 11
Episode 11
Season 1 Episode 11
May 20th 2021
Episode 10
Episode 10
Season 1 Episode 10
May 19th 2021
Episode 9
Episode 9
Season 1 Episode 9
May 12th 2021
Episode 8
Episode 8
Season 1 Episode 8
May 6th 2021
Episode 7
Episode 7
Season 1 Episode 7
May 5th 2021
Kim Myungmin
Yang Jong-hoon
Kim Bum
Han Joon-hwi
Ryu Hyeyoung
Kang Sol A
Lee Jungeun
Kim Eun-sook
Park Hyukkwon
Jin Hyeong-u
Ahn Naesang
Seo Byung-ju
Jung Wonjoong
Go Hyeong-soo
Lee Sookyung
Kang Sol B
Lee Dawit
Seo Ji-ho
Go Younjung
Jeon Ye-seul
Hyun Woo
Yoo Seung-jae
Kil Haeyeon
Oh Jeong-hee
Woo Hyeon
Seong Dong-il
Oh Manseok
Kang Joo-man
Lee Chunhee
Park Geun-tae
Jo Jaeryong
Lee Man-ho
Kim Minseok
Cho Ye-beom
Created By: Kim Sok-yun, Seo In
Written By: Seo In (16 Episodes) (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

adylam says...
10 months ago
Comment containsspoilers
[spoiler] the key reason why i didn't give this 10 stars was because Sol A and Joon-hwi never properly ended up tgt ;-; [/spoiler]
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chillikun says...
11 months ago
Comment containsspoilers
> Not my kinda class ... For thriller enthusiasts and law geeks this is a wonderful show high production values but for me it has predictable story-line and drags around on heels before justice was served in the end as usual. What I like about the show was initially how cunning Han Joon-Hwi is [spoiler] We all know there is no way any student or let alone the Joon-Hwi the neice could be the murdered and there was a bigger conspiracy . [/spoiler] After a while especially when [spoiler] Ye-seul on trail defending essentiall a physical and emotional attach [/spoiler] I lost interest on the show. This would be the first show in Netflix that I have watched the fag end on 1.5x speed and still use :arrow_right: to skip adhead .
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tlotlli says...
11 months ago
Omg I’m so sad, it’s finishing and I’m not okay. I’ve been praying and hoping for a second season but it doesn’t seem that way. Anyway all good things have to come to an end
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tenpou says...
3 weeks ago
I wanted to love the show as a court/crime/thriller junkie, but the pacing is **bad**. The plot itself is okay and with a proper vision the show could be amazing, in fact, but there is no properly placed suspense whatsoever. When "the mastermind" got "revealed", I almost facepalmed. If not for production values, some of the actors' effort, plus a banger OST, I would probably rate it worse.
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