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User Reviews for: Mayfair Witches

/10  2 years ago
Expect something close to the new Interview. It is strangely over-woke.

As where the Interview was a story about two Gay men that when adapted for a modern audience left out all subtlety and story that made the novels so compelling, Mayfair does with same with feminism.

It starts of a little like the novels, the same family, the same feminine power, but it quickly removes all femininity from the Mayfair witches. And then it removes all real story from the Mayfair Witches. And then it removes all plot from the Mayfair witches.

And like all wokeness it breaks itself down to just the message and then screams it in your face as loud as it can. Don't expect the chilling and romantic Southern Gothic tale of witches and demons. Don't even expect a feminine take on feminism, it's 2023, that messaging was over about two decades ago.

instead just expect "THE MESSAGE" screamed as loud as humanly possible as long as humanly possible while the mouth breathing critics give it high praise.
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