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Maya and the Three

Limited Series
1 Season
9 Episodes
Animation, Family, Comedy, Adventure, Kids, Fantasy
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Maya and the Three' Poster
A spirited princess with the heart of a warrior embarks on a mission to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save humanity from the wrath of vengeful gods.
Maya and the Three Poster

Maya and the Three

Limited Series
Animation, Family, Comedy, Adventure, Kids, Fantasy
1 Season
9 Episodes
A spirited princess with the heart of a warrior embarks on a mission to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save humanity from the wrath of vengeful gods.
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Latest Episodes

Chapter 1 Quinceaera
Chapter 1: Quinceañera
Season 1 Episode 1
October 22nd 2021
Chapter 2 The Prophecy
Chapter 2: The Prophecy
Season 1 Episode 2
October 22nd 2021
Chapter 3 The Rooster
Chapter 3: The Rooster
Season 1 Episode 3
October 22nd 2021
Chapter 4 The Skull
Chapter 4: The Skull
Season 1 Episode 4
October 22nd 2021
Chapter 5 The Puma
Chapter 5: The Puma
Season 1 Episode 5
October 22nd 2021
Chapter 6 Maya and the Three
Chapter 6: Maya and the Three
Season 1 Episode 6
October 22nd 2021
Chapter 7 The Divine Gate
Chapter 7: The Divine Gate
Season 1 Episode 7
October 22nd 2021
Chapter 8 The Bat and the Owl
Chapter 8: The Bat and the Owl
Season 1 Episode 8
October 22nd 2021
Chapter 9 The Sun and the Moon
Chapter 9: The Sun and the Moon
Season 1 Episode 9
October 22nd 2021
Zoe Saldaa
Princess Maya (voice)
Jorge R Gutierrez
King Teca (voice)
Sandra Equihua
Queen Teca (voice)
Dee Bradley Baker
Chiapa (voice)
Diego Luna
Zatz (voice)
Gael Garca Bernal
The Jaguar Brothers (voice)
Allen Maldonado
Rico (voice)
Stephanie Beatriz
Chimi (voice)
Gabriel Iglesias
Piccu (voice)
Alfred Molina
Lord Mictlan (voice)
Kate del Castillo
Lady Micte (voice)
Danny Trejo
Cabrakan (voice)
Rosie Perez
Cipactli (voice)
Cheech Marin
Hura/Can (voice)
Chelsea Rendon
Acat (voice)
Queen Latifah
Gran Bruja (voice)
Wyclef Jean
Gran Brujo (voice)
Eric Bauza
Vucub (voice)
Isabela Merced
Widow Queen (voice)
Rita Moreno
Ah Puch (voice)
Joaqun Coso
Camazotz (voice)
Raphael Alejandro
Valentin (voice)
Alanna Ubach
Skull (voice)
Hailey Hermida
Eagle (voice)
Created By: Jorge R. Gutierrez

Featured Comments/Tips

Nooppi says...
2 years ago
Visually stunning, but unfortunately the script has all the tired tropes of Disney & Marvel.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
firenash says...
10 months ago
Loved the art style, this show taught me mercy. And made me cry lots
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
Parmlog says...
3 years ago
Gorgeous, at points genuinely breathtaking. The writing itself is still very much a kid's show though Like everything Jorge R seems to make, I absolutely adore it visually but find the plot unfortunately shallow. While I think this looks better than Book of Life, the sbow being longer than a movie made the writing become a lot more frustrating. Constant quips to try and be 'funny', no subtlety with the writing so little kids understand the moral lessons and constant movement from plot point to plot point without much time to let anything sink in a plot that's already pretty standard as is. Also it's inspired by stuff like Mayan culture, not historically accurate if you're the type to really care about that I guess Seriously though this show is so fricking pretty
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
godzilladad says...
3 years ago
I loved it from start to finish.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

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