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Mummies Alive Poster

Mummies Alive!

TV Show
Syfy, Broadcast Syndication
Animation, Action & Adventure, Comedy
1 Season
42 Episodes
Mummies Alive! is an American animated series from DIC Entertainment. It originally aired for one season in 1997. In ancient Egypt, an evil sorcerer named Scarab, kills the pharaoh's son, Prince Rapses, so he can become immortal. Entombed alive for his crime, Scarab revives in the modern world and begins his search for Rapses' reincarnation, a San Francisco-dwelling boy named Presley Carnovan to retrieve the spirit of Rapses' so he can become immortal. Rapses' bodyguards, Ja-Kal, Rath, Armon, and Nefer-Tina, along with Rapses' cat, Kahti, awake from the dead to protect him from Scarab. They use the power of Ra to transform into powerful guardians. Each of the mummies is aligned with the power of an Egyptian god. Ja-Kal uses the spirit of falcon, Rath uses the spirit of snake, Armon uses the spirit of ram, and Nefer-Tina uses the spirit of cat. They are able to call upon it for magical armor and powers to fight superhuman evildoers. Although, once their strength is exhausted, they must rest in their sarcophagi to regain the ability. In order to access these powers, the mummies call out the phrase "With the Strength of Ra!", which triggers their transformation. The mummies also have the power to make a horrifying face, usually used to scare away nosy bystanders.
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Latest Episodes

Show Me the Mummy
Show Me the Mummy!
Season 1 Episode 42
November 25th 1997
Weve Got One
We've Got One!
Season 1 Episode 41
November 24th 1997
The Hearts Arrow 3
The Heart's Arrow (3)
Season 1 Episode 40
November 20th 1997
New Mummy in Town 2
New Mummy in Town (2)
Season 1 Episode 39
November 19th 1997
Brothers Keeper 1
Brother's Keeper (1)
Season 1 Episode 38
November 18th 1997
My Dad the Hero
My Dad the Hero
Season 1 Episode 37
November 17th 1997
Whos Who
Who's Who?
Season 1 Episode 36
November 13th 1997
True Believer
True Believer
Season 1 Episode 35
November 12th 1997
Honey I Shrunk the Mummies
Honey, I Shrunk the Mummies
Season 1 Episode 34
November 11th 1997
The BirdMummy of Alcatraz
The Bird-Mummy of Alcatraz
Season 1 Episode 33
November 10th 1997
Created By: Seth Kearsley
Written By: Mark Edward Edens (42 Episodes) (Story)

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