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Murder One Poster

Murder One

TV Show
1h 0m
Drama, Crime
2 Seasons
41 Episodes
Theodore 'Teddy' Hoffman is a highly-regarded defense attorney in a prestigious Los Angeles law firm. Having successfully defended the wealthy but suspicious Richard Cross in a much-publicised murder trial, he is now involved in the defense of Neil Avedon, a famous young actor who has been suffering from severe drug and alcohol problems - and has been charged with the murder for which Cross was acquitted.
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Latest Episodes

Chapter Seventeen Year Two
Chapter Seventeen, Year Two
Season 2 Episode 17
May 29th 1997
Chapter Eighteen Year Two
Chapter Eighteen, Year Two
Season 2 Episode 18
May 29th 1997
Chapter Fifteen Year Two
Chapter Fifteen, Year Two
Season 2 Episode 15
May 26th 1997
Chapter Sixteen Year Two
Chapter Sixteen, Year Two
Season 2 Episode 16
May 26th 1997
Chapter Thirteen Year Two
Chapter Thirteen, Year Two
Season 2 Episode 13
May 25th 1997
Chapter Fourteen Year Two
Chapter Fourteen, Year Two
Season 2 Episode 14
May 25th 1997
Chapter Eleven Year Two
Chapter Eleven, Year Two
Season 2 Episode 11
January 23rd 1997
Chapter Twelve Year Two
Chapter Twelve, Year Two
Season 2 Episode 12
January 23rd 1997
Chapter Ten Year Two
Chapter Ten, Year Two
Season 2 Episode 10
January 16th 1997
Chapter Nine Year Two
Chapter Nine, Year Two
Season 2 Episode 9
January 9th 1997

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sebastian.c.bell says...
7 years ago
Both seasons are available on Hulu.
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