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My Secret Romance

TV Show
1 Season
13 Episodes
Comedy, Romance
User Score: 
My Secret Romance' Poster
After sharing a night with Jin Wook, Yoo Mi departs, never to see him again. Three years later, she achieves her goal of becoming a nutritionist.
My Secret Romance Poster

My Secret Romance

TV Show
Comedy, Romance
1 Season
13 Episodes
After sharing a night with Jin Wook, Yoo Mi departs, never to see him again. Three years later, she achieves her goal of becoming a nutritionist.
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Latest Episodes

Youre My World Tonight
You're My World, Tonight
Season 1 Episode 13
May 30th 2017
Its Time to Wake Up From This Dream
It's Time to Wake Up From This Dream
Season 1 Episode 12
May 29th 2017
Im the Only One Who Cant Date
I'm the Only One Who Can't Date
Season 1 Episode 11
May 23rd 2017
A Tender Farewell
A Tender Farewell
Season 1 Episode 10
May 22nd 2017
Tell Me the Truth
Tell Me the Truth
Season 1 Episode 9
May 16th 2017
Youre My Paderella
You're My Paderella
Season 1 Episode 8
May 15th 2017
This Is How Business Is Done
This Is How Business Is Done
Season 1 Episode 7
May 8th 2017
Lets Go to Work
Let's Go to Work
Season 1 Episode 6
May 2nd 2017
Playing With My Heart
Playing With My Heart
Season 1 Episode 5
May 1st 2017
The Secret In the Jewelry Box
The Secret In the Jewelry Box
Season 1 Episode 4
April 25th 2017
Sung Hoon
Cha Jin-Wook
Song Jieun
Lee Yoo-Mi
Kim Jaeyoung
Jung Hyun-Tae
Jeong DaSol
Joo Hye-Ri
Kim Siyoung
Wang Bok-Ja
Lee Haein
Jang Eun-Bi
Baek SeungHeon
Lee Shin-Hwa
Nam Giae
Jo Mi-Hee
Kim Jonggoo
Cha Dae Bok [Jin Wook's father]
Lee Kanhee
Kim Ae Ryung [Jin Wook's mother]
Park SinUn
Jang Woo Jin [Cha Jin Wook's secret...
Lee Sanghoon
Assistant Kim
Oh Changkyung
Director Maeng
Jeon Somin
[Girl from Club]
Lee Youngsook
Gyung Ae [Actress]
Kim Hyungmin
[TV Host]
Cho Jaeryong
Im Doyoon
Kang Je-Ni

Featured Comments/Tips

David0542 says...
3 years ago
I'm a big fan of drama, the more drama the more I like a K-drama and this one was the opposite, after reading so many people disliking this I've decided to give it a try and for my surprise it was better than what I've expected it. Sung Hoon and Ji Eun had great chemistry and even if the plot wasn't something new at least it does what it meant to be done and that is being the sweetest K-drama I've ever watched so if you hate drama you definitely need to watch this! My score 7.2/10
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
gabsmoth-deleted-1596382126 says...
3 years ago
This series was really promising, some plots that were introduced in the first half of the season could've been really avant garde for a kdrama, but instead the writers went for the safe road and gave poor endings or resolutions to them. Yu-Mi's mother, Jo Mi-Hee being one of them, she not only made her daugthers life a living hell in high school, but she kept doing it, even going to national television to throw her daughters job and reputation in the trash, well not actually, because bad things in this drama doesn't really seem to have that big of consequences, which just made her character even worse, because she was just...annoying, she was there only for the purpose of being annoying, that's it. If you want to watch this series, watch it until half of the episode 10 and pretend that's the end, after that, I think the writers gave up on this drama and started to just write random things with no actual sense.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
Munkinone says...
2 years ago
Sometimes it's best if you don't think about the plot that much, and just enjoy the cute moments as they come. I binged this in a day, and went in with little expectations and was pleasantly surprised. New? Unique? Not really, but it was cute and that was what I needed on a rainy day.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
JustSoTypical says...
5 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
I honestly didn't really enjoy this drama that much. I don't want to hate on it so I'll mention what I liked. I liked the interaction between Sunghoon and her brother. The few comical scenes in it were refreshing. It's an okay-ish drama in my opinion.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

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