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Nancy Drew

TV Show
The CW
3 Seasons
49 Episodes
Mystery, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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Nancy Drew Poster
Nancy Drew makes plans to leave her hometown for college, but finds herself drawn into a supernatural murder mystery instead.
Nancy Drew Poster

Nancy Drew

TV Show
The CW
Mystery, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
3 Seasons
49 Episodes
Nancy Drew makes plans to leave her hometown for college, but finds herself drawn into a supernatural murder mystery instead.
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HBO MAX 2 Seasons
DirecTV On Demand 2 Seasons
Spectrum On Demand 1 Season
fuboTV 1 Season
The CW 2 Seasons
CW Seed 1 Season


iTunes 3 Seasons
iTunes 3 Seasons
Google Play 3 Seasons
Google Play 3 Seasons
VUDU 3 Seasons
VUDU 3 Seasons
Amazon 3 Seasons
Amazon 3 Seasons
YouTube 1 Season
YouTube 1 Season
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Latest Episodes

The Spellbound Juror
Season 3 Episode 11
January 14th 2022
The Confession of the Long Night
Season 3 Episode 10
January 7th 2022
The Voices in the Frost
Season 3 Episode 9
December 10th 2021
The Burning of the Sorrows
Season 3 Episode 8
December 3rd 2021
The Gambit of the Tangled Souls
Season 3 Episode 7
November 19th 2021
The Myth of the Ensnared Hunter
Season 3 Episode 6
November 12th 2021
The Vision of the Birchwood Prisoner
Season 3 Episode 5
November 5th 2021
The Demon of Piper Beach
Season 3 Episode 4
October 29th 2021
The Testimony of the Executed Man
Season 3 Episode 3
October 22nd 2021
The Journey of the Dangerous Mind
Season 3 Episode 2
October 15th 2021
Kennedy McMann
Nancy Drew
Scott Wolf
Carson Drew
Maddison Jaizani
Bess Marvin
Tunji Kasim
Ned 'Nick' Nickerson
Leah Lewis
Georgia 'George' Fan
Riley Smith
Ryan Hudson
Alvina August
Detective Karen Hart
Adam Beach
Chief McGinnis
Katie Findlay
Sara Canning
Katherine Drew
Liza Lapira
Victoria Fan
Kenneth Mitchell
Joshua Dodd
Tian Richards
Tom Swift
Pamela Sue Martin
Harriet Grosset
Martin Donovan
Everett Hudson
Gage Marsh

Featured Comments/Tips

Nancy L Draper says...
2 years ago
"(Initial, and final, Impression) For someone who "discovered" the school library in sixth grade and then read all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys novels they had in that same year, I was hoping for more. The writing for this series is bad. Aging up Nancy and her crew may have opened the door for the gratuitous sexual content but there was no reciprocal mature dialogue or adult social dynamics in this series. The interactions are juvenile. Just a big disappointment. Because I don't hold out hope that this series will get any better than this premiere, I'm giving it a 3 (bad) out of 10 and abandoning the series. [Mystery]"
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pinitrius says...
2 years ago
"Why did it have to turn supernatural...? The Nancy Drew names bared the potential of a good detective story... Instead we got a poorly written ghost story!"
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hugh_shaw says...
10 months ago
"There are 10 episodes in Season 2 - were missing them on Trakt, I know you changed the supplier of the schedules but we shouldn't be missing episodes that have been output - episode 9 The Bargain of the Blood Shroud went out last night. Episode 10 is next week."
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Jay.sanzo says...
8 months ago
"This show becomes more woke with each episode. I really shouldn't be surprised, it is the CW. So think I'm done wasting my time on it."
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Featured User Reviews

6/10   2 years ago
Yeah, this is a CW show, alright. Honestly, there are so many problems, none of them are worth bothering yourself with to mention, and would probably offend some people who'd pull the "it's an adaptation, it doesn't have to be exactly like the books" card if you do. But I'll More
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   1 0 0
7/10   2 years ago
As someone who doen't know really about 'Nancy Drew' I liked the supernatural the most. Nancy as a character was growing on me slowly and I can admit I love that she's more centered, calm, and adult. The rest of the crew falls so flat in comparison. I mean, Nancy too had some bad and More
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