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User Reviews for: National Treasure: Edge of History

/10  2 months ago
Mushy, Bland and predictable plot. Full of the politically correct themes you would expect from Disney. Nothing special here. Things seem to fall conveniently in line when needed to push the plot forward. The actors are all young, attractive and apparently wealthy with lots of free time on their hands with YouTube paying their bills for the most part.

There's nothing here worth sinking your teeth into which, since it is geared for teens, might be enough. In a world where reality bites harder this trivial drivel suits no other purpose than to eat up time.

I watched this as background noise. Was disappointed to see Harvey Keitel and Catherine Zeta Jones in this. Man, you can make better choices. Hope you got paid well.

The movies were full of history and the characters had an in-depth knowledge and love of country. This series makes you dislike being American. The main character is fearful of being deported and it's a bad thing that she can't land her dream job of working for the FBI because she isn't a citizen.

The characters are diverse and DIsney checked all the boxes but they run around and are brilliant while everyone else is idiotic. Like the main characters boss who doesn't know what Latin is.

Fire the writers. Get out of your safe spaces and get a dose of reality and try again.
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