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NCIS (2003)

Full Cast & Crew

Show Page
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Aaron Lipstadt
Crew Directing Director1

Alan J. Levi
Crew Directing Director5

Alrick Riley
Crew Directing Director5

Arvin Brown
Crew Directing Director23

Bethany Rooney
Crew Directing Director5

Bill Nuss
Crew Writing Writer1

Bradford May
Crew Directing Director1

Brian Kirk
Crew Sound Music1

Chas. Floyd Johnson
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer5

Christopher Crowe
Crew Writing Writer2

Craig Ross Jr.
Crew Directing Director1

Craig W. Van Sickle
Crew Writing Teleplay, Story1

Dan E. Fesman
Crew Writing Writer, Story4

Dan Lerner
Crew Directing Director1

Darcy Meyers
Crew Writing Writer1

Dennis Smith
Crew Directing Director59

Diana Valentine
Crew Directing Director7

Donald P. Bellisario
Crew Production Executive Producer, Creator430

Edward Ornelas
Crew Directing Director2

Frank Military
Crew Writing Writer4

Gary Glasberg
Crew Writing Teleplay, Story, Writer, Co-Executive Producer, Executive Producer1

George Schenck
Crew Writing Writer41

Gil Grant
Crew Writing Writer, Teleplay, Co-Executive Producer4

Holly Dale
Crew Directing Director1

Jack Bernstein
Crew Writing Writer6

James Whitmore Jr.
Crew Directing Director39

Jeff Woolnough
Crew Directing Director5

Joseph Conlan
Crew Sound Music1

Juan Carlos Coto
Crew Writing Writer1

Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Crew Directing Director1

Lee David Zlotoff
Crew Writing Writer2

Leslie Libman
Crew Directing Director17

Marco Schnabel
Crew Writing Writer3

Mario Van Peebles
Crew Directing Director1

Martha Mitchell
Crew Directing Director3

Michael Zinberg
Crew Directing Director15

Michelle MacLaren
Crew Directing Director1

Nell Scovell
Crew Writing Writer3

Oz Scott
Crew Directing Director1

Peter Ellis
Crew Directing Director3

Reed Steiner
Crew Writing Writer, Teleplay9

Robert Palm
Crew Writing Writer2

Rocky Carroll
Crew Directing Director10

Roger Director
Crew Writing Writer2

Scott Williams
Crew Writing Teleplay, Writer2

Scott Brazil
Crew Directing Director1

Shane Brennan
Crew Writing Writer, Producer10

Stephen Cragg
Crew Directing Director2

Steven Bramson
Crew Sound Music3

Steven Kane
Crew Writing Writer1

Steven Kriozere
Crew Writing Writer3

Steven Long Mitchell
Crew Writing Story, Teleplay1

Tawnia McKiernan
Crew Directing Director2

Terrence O'Hara
Crew Directing Director47

Thomas J. Wright
Crew Directing Director38

Thomas L. Moran
Crew Writing Writer1

Tony Wharmby
Crew Directing Director47

Brendan Fehily
Crew Writing Writer, Teleplay11

Don McGill
Crew Creator Creator

Mark Horowitz
Crew Directing Director, Co-Executive Producer8

Jennifer Corbett
Crew Writing Writer12

David J. North
Crew Writing Writer, Teleplay, Executive Story Editor30

James Logan
Crew Crew Stunts15

Bob Gookin
Crew Writing Writer1

Jeff Vlaming
Crew Writing Writer, Producer2

Gregory Gontz
Crew Editing Editor2

Kate Torgovnick May
Crew Writing Writer2

Lisa Di Trolio
Crew Writing Writer1

Linda Burstyn
Crew Writing Writer, Story Editor1

Brian Kirk
Crew Sound Original Music Composer, Music368

A.J. Tannen
Cast Actor Mossad Agent1

Aaron Lustig
Cast Actor 1

Adam Clark
Cast Actor Fred Johnson1

Adam Ferrara
Cast Actor Sammy Craig1

Adam J. Harrington
Cast Actor Sam Hendrix1

Adam Lieberman
Cast Actor U. S. Customs Officer1

Adam Wylie
Cast Actor Darin Spotnitz1

Adetokumboh M'Cormack
Cast Actor Matthew Rousseau1

Adria Tennor
Cast Actress Angela Dresser1

Adrian LaTourelle
Cast Actor Benson Honeycutt1

Adrian Sparks
Cast Actor Hugo Radcliffe1

Ajay Mehta
Cast Parviz Najar1

Al Sapienza
Cast Actor Commander William Foley1

Alan Dale
Cast Actor Homeland Senior Division Chief Tom Morrow1

Alanna Ubach
Cast Actress Sofia Martinez1

Albie Selznick
Cast Marty Allen1

Alex Feldman
Cast Actor Retired Marine Sergeant Thomas Baird1

Alex Fernandez
Cast Actor 2

Alex Meneses
Cast Actress Vanessa1

Alex Nevil
Cast Male Patient1

Alex Solowitz
Cast Actor Dave1

Alex Veadov
Cast Actor Sergei Mishnev1

Alexandra Barreto
Cast Actress Rena Oliver1

Ali Afshar
Cast Actor Qassam1

Alice Krige
Cast Actress Maggie Clarke1

Alicia Coppola
Cast Actress Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman3

Alicia Lagano
Cast Actress JoAnn Allman1

Alimi Ballard
Cast Actor 3

Allan Louis
Cast Actor Dominick Wayne2

Alyson Reed
Cast Actress Mrs. Keogh1

Amanda Detmer
Cast Actress Charlotte Bodizinski1

Amy Landecker
Cast Actress 1

Amy Sloan
Cast Actress P.O. Cynthia Cluxton1

Ana Mercedes
Cast 1

Andi Chapman
Cast Actress Bernice Donaldson1

Andrew Lukich
Cast Actor Louis Wexler1

Andrew Pifko
Cast Actor Miles Thatcher1

Andy Beckwith
Cast HM Prison Service Custodial Manager Chester Grimm1

Andy Comeau
Cast Actor Tom Logan1

Andy Milder
Cast Actor Gene Isaacson1

Anna Khaja
Cast Actress Eliza Hutchins1

Anne Bedian
Cast Actress Hamida1

Anne Judson-Yager
Cast Actress Emmy Poole1

Annie Little
Cast Actress Meri Dade1

Anson Scoville
Cast Actor Petty Officer Second Class Peter Shrewe1

Anthony Tyler Quinn
Cast Actor Clarence Daniels1

Antonio Sabàto, Jr.
Cast Actor 1

Aris Alvarado
Cast Tomas Zepeda1

Armando Molina
Cast Actor Miguel Fernandez1

Arnold Vosloo
Cast Actor 2

Ashley Jones
Cast Actress Nancy Douglas1

Ashley Scott
Cast Actress 1

Audrey Wasilewski
Cast Actress Shirley Wilkes1

Austin Majors
Cast Jeremy Hodges1

Austin Priester
Cast Actor Petty Officer Kenny1

Austin Stout
Cast Actor Timothy Griffin1

Bahni Turpin
Cast Actress Camille West1

Barbara Eve Harris
Cast Actress Stacy Bergin1

Barbara Niven
Cast Actress Dr. Elaine Burns1

Barry Livingston
Cast Actor 1

Bart Johnson
Cast Actor Dean Hudson1

Bart McCarthy
Cast Actor George Hawkins1

Bellamy Young
Cast Actress ATF Special Agent Melinda Stone1

Bellina Logan
Cast Actress Roberta Stock1

Ben Murphy
Cast Actor Captain Veitch1

Ben Reed
Cast Actor MCPO Ian Goetz1

Ben Vereen
Cast Actor Lamar Addison1

Benjamin Brown
Cast Actor Captain Arvidas1

Benjamin John Parrillo
Cast Actor Rex Eberlee1

Benny Nieves
Cast Actor Frank Trujillo1

Bernard White
Cast Actor 1

Bertila Damas
Cast Actress Renee Chichera1

Bess Armstrong
Cast Actress Denise O'Hara1

Bill Birch
Cast Actor State Trooper Dan Lynch1

Bill Sage
Cast Actor 1

Billy Aaron Brown
Cast Actor Donny Potter1

Billy Brown
Cast Actor Chief Petty Officer Velat1

Billy Dee Williams
Cast Actor Leroy Jethro Moore1

Blake Bashoff
Cast Actor Josh Cooper1

Blake Lindsley
Cast Actress Belinda Carter1

Blayne Weaver
Cast Actor P.O. Darrell Baum1

Blue Deckert
Cast Actor Federal Marshal1

Bob Newhart
Cast Actor 1

Bonnie Bartlett
Cast Actress Dr. Sylvia Chalmers1

Brad Beyer
Cast Actor Joe Westcott2

Brad Greenquist
Cast Actor 1

Brad Grunberg
Cast Actor Big Ed1

Brad Hawkins
Cast Actor Sgt. Aaron Barnes1

Brandon Molale
Cast Actor Army CID Special Agent Jack Reynolds1

Brent Huff
Cast Actor Marv Hebner1

Brett Rickaby
Cast Actor 1

Brian Cousins
Cast Actor 1

Brian Howe
Cast Actor Sheriff Tom Barrett1

Brian Markinson
Cast Actor 1

Brian McNamara
Cast Actor Noah Sykes1

Brian Stepanek
Cast Actor Karl Chunk1

Brian Thompson
Cast Actor MCPO Vince Nutter1

Brigid Brannagh
Cast Actress Catherine Reynolds1

Brittney Powell
Cast Actress Jamie Carr1

Brody Hutzler
Cast Actor 1

Brooke Nevin
Cast Actress 1

Bruce Boxleitner
Cast Actor 1

Bruce French
Cast Actor Sean Oliver1

Bruce Gray
Cast Actor Assistant Director Roper1

Bruno Gunn
Cast Actor Air Boss1

Bryan Friday
Cast Actor 1

Bryce Johnson
Cast Actor Eddie Macklin1

Burt Bulos
Cast Actor Abog Galib2

Byrne Offutt
Cast Actor Judd Kearns1

Cameron Daddo
Cast Actor 1

Camryn Grimes
Cast Actress Laney Alimonte1

Carl Beukes
Cast Actor John Calfa1

Carl Lumbly
Cast Actor 1

Carla Gallo
Cast Actress 1

Carlease Burke
Cast Actress D’Arcy McKinna1

Carlos Lacámara
Cast Actor Joe Tabarez1

Carlton Wilborn
Cast Actor Charles Garrett1

Caryn West
Cast Actress Karen Fox1

Cas Anvar
Cast Actor Masoud Tariq / Wasim al Fulani1

Catherine Bell
Cast Actress Sarah MacKenzie2

Catherine Dent
Cast Actress 1

Chad Todhunter
Cast 1

Chad Willett
Cast Actor Detective Primo Monteleone1

Challen Cates
Cast Actress Fay Gussman1

Charles Durning
Cast Actor Ernie Yost1

Charles Noland
Cast 1

Charles Walker
Cast Actor Hotel Clerk1

Charlie Hofheimer
Cast Actor Petty Officer First Class Bobby Wilkes1

Charlie Schlatter
Cast Actor Lorne Davis1

Chas. Floyd Johnson
Cast Actor AFIP Medical Examiner1

Chelsea Field
Cast Actress Jocelyn Wayne1

Cheryl Ladd
Cast Actress 1

Cheryl White
Cast Actress Rebecca Biddle1

Chris Browning
Cast Actor Tom Dalton1

Chris Bruno
Cast Actor 1

Chris Ellis
Cast Actor Gunnery Sergeant John Deluca2

Chris Mulkey
Cast Actor Captain Richard Owens1

Chris Olivero
Cast Actor Dave Simmons1

Chris Payne Gilbert
Cast Actor Wesley Rowan1

Chris Tardio
Cast Actor 1

Christian Clemenson
Cast Actor 1

Christine Dunford
Cast Actress Jeri Fleckman1

Christopher Allport
Cast Actor Capt. Dan Karzin1

Christopher Boyer
Cast Actor Doctor Edgar Polk1

Christopher Cousins
Cast Actor 1

Christopher Darga
Cast Skip Harris1

Christopher Lloyd
Cast Actor Joseph Smith1

Christopher Maher
Cast Actor Capt. Aris Mahir2

Christopher Shyer
Cast Actor Kyle Boone1

Christopher Stapleton
Cast Actor Lt. Don Wade1

Claudia Black
Cast Actress 1

Clayton Snyder
Cast Actor Sampson1

Clyde Kusatsu
Cast Actor 1

Colin Bain
Cast Actor Ensign Ray1

Colin Hanks
Cast Actor DOD Inspector Parsons1

Connor Trinneer
Cast Actor James Dempsey1

Conor Dubin
Cast Actor Jeremy Pryor1

Conrad Roberts
Cast Actor Benjamin King1

Cooper Huckabee
Cast Actor Kyle Larson1

Corri English
Cast Actress 1

Costas Mandylor
Cast Actor Tomas Mendez2

Cotter Smith
Cast Actor Agent Sam Stevens2

Courtney Gains
Cast Actor Gary Silverstein1

Cristine Rose
Cast Actress Pat Stone1

Cyd Strittmatter
Cast Actress Joanne Wright1

Dale Godboldo
Cast Actor Cy1

Dan Hildebrand
Cast Actor Cassio Chavez1

Dan Ziskie
Cast Actor Captain Ross Vetter1

Dane Northcutt
Cast Actor Timothy Kerry1

Danica McKellar
Cast Actress Erin Kendall1

Daniel E. Smith
Cast Actor Cal Frasier1

Daniel Gillies
Cast Actor 1

Daniel Hugh Kelly
Cast Actor Admiral Kendall1

Daniel Louis Rivas
Cast Actor 1

Daniel Roebuck
Cast Actor Matthew Lake1

Daniel Travis
Cast Actor 1

Daniella Kuhn
Cast Actress Saleswoman1

Daphne Zuniga
Cast Actress Stacy Gordon1

Darcas Macopson
Cast Actor Carl Pritchard1

Dave Florek
Cast Actor Virgil McKeever1

David Andrews
Cast Actor Errol Coyne1

David Andriole
Cast Actor Lieutenant Commander Robbins1

David Chisum
Cast Actor David Woods1

David DeLuise
Cast Actor Michael Franklin1

David Diaan
Cast Actor 1

David Eigenberg
Cast Actor 1

David Fabrizio
Cast Actor Col. Frederick Cooper1

David Grant Wright
Cast Actor Silhouette Man1

David Keith
Cast Actor Captain Mike Watson1

David Lipper
Cast Actor Sgt. Roger Caine1

David Marciano
Cast Actor Bartender1

David Mattey
Cast Actor Homeless Man1

David McCallum
Cast Actor Donald "Ducky" Mallard430

David Shatraw
Cast Actor Bobby Quinn1

David Tom
Cast Actor Maple1

Dayo Ade
Cast Actor 1

Daz Crawford
Cast Actor 1

Dean Cameron
Cast Actor Landlord1

Dean McDermott
Cast Actor LCDR Allan Witten1

Dendrie Taylor
Cast Actress 1

Derek Webster
Cast Actor Captain Stengel1

Derek de Lint
Cast Actor Dr. Stephen Brauer1

Diane Delano
Cast Actress 1

Diane Neal
Cast Actress Abigail Borin4

Dina Meyer
Cast Actress 2

Dominic Pace
Cast Actor Vincent Pazzo1

Don Franklin
Cast Actor Agent Ron Sacks1

Don Swayze
Cast Actor Logan Clay1

Donald Sage Mackay
Cast 1

Donnie Jeffcoat
Cast Actor Seaman Tom Jennings1

Donzaleigh Abernathy
Cast Actress NSA Deputy Director Ronda Ellis1

Doug Savant
Cast Actor Daniel Kent1

Eddie Jemison
Cast Actor Terry Spooner1

Eiji Inoue
Cast Navy Lieutenant Commander Satoshi Takada1

Eli Danker
Cast Actor Officer Michael Bashan1

Elisabeth Röhm
Cast Actress May Dawson1

Elizabeth Ann Bennett
Cast Actress Nurse Carla Johnson1

Ellen Geer
Cast Actress Esther Daniels1

Elyse Mirto
Cast Actress Stefanie Collier1

Emiliano Díez
Cast Jefe1

Emilie de Ravin
Cast Actress Nancy1

Emma Bell
Cast Actress Hannah McClain1

Enrique Castillo
Cast Actor Ruleo Medilla1

Enrique Murciano
Cast Actor 1

Enzo Cilenti
Cast Actor Mamoun Sharif2

Eric Bruskotter
Cast Actor 1

Eric Jungmann
Cast Actor Andy Pringle1

Eric Martsolf
Cast Actor 1

Eric Matheny
Cast Kip Klugman1

Eric Nenninger
Cast Actor Corpsman Taylor Henry1

Eric Stonestreet
Cast Actor 1

Eric Winzenreid
Cast Actor Andrew Hopper1

Erich Anderson
Cast Actor Agent Jack Canton1

Erick Avari
Cast Actor Agent William Gamal1

Erik Palladino
Cast Actor 1

Erin Cahill
Cast Actress 1

Erin Cottrell
Cast Actress 1

Erin Torpey
Cast Actress 1

Erinn Bartlett
Cast Actress 1

Eva La Dare
Cast Actress Clown / Mystery Woman1

Fay Masterson
Cast Actress Gloria Hebner1

Francesco Quinn
Cast Actor Cpl. Luis Romero1

Francis Capra
Cast Actor 1

Frank Caeti
Cast Actor 1

Frank John Hughes
Cast Actor Enis Watley1

Frankie J. Allison
Cast Vince Pierman1

François Chau
Cast Actor Henry Deng1

Fredric Lehne
Cast Actor Captain Graves1

French Stewart
Cast Actor Paul Triff1

Gabriel Olds
Cast Actor 1

Gabrielle Miller
Cast Actress 1

Garikayi Mutambirwa
Cast Actor Augie Breen1

Garrett M. Brown
Cast Actor James Wallace1

Gary Grubbs
Cast Actor Elmo Poke1

Gary Morgan
Cast Actor 1

Geoff Meed
Cast Actor Corporal David Stenson1

George Newbern
Cast Actor 1

George Wyner
Cast Actor Randall Worthington1

Gerald Downey
Cast Actor Ray Trapp1

Gerry Becker
Cast Actor William Baer1

Gideon Emery
Cast Actor Rudolph Stalin1

Gina St. John
Cast Actress Cindy Ames1

Glenn Morshower
Cast Actor Commander Robert Peters1

Graham McTavish
Cast Actor Aleksei1

Greg Zola
Cast Actor Jeremy Worth1

Hank Harris
Cast Actor Denny Johnson1

Hilary Angelo
Cast Actress Petty Officer Jessica Smith1

Holmes Osborne
Cast Actor Fred Hanlan1

Howard Dell
Cast Actor Gym Manager1

Hugh Holub
Cast Actor Superintendent1

Hugo Armstrong
Cast Actor Eugene Coyle2

Iris Bahr
Cast Actress Beverly Berkshire1

Isabella Hofmann
Cast Actress 1

Ismail Bashey
Cast Actor Nabi1

J. Robin Miller
Cast Actress Lt. Connors1

J. C. MacKenzie
Cast Actor 1

Jack Conley
Cast Actor 2

Jack Kehler
Cast Actor Tom Wilson1

Jacqueline Obradors
Cast Actress 1

Jaime Ray Newman
Cast Actress Melanie Burke2

James MacDonald
Cast Actor Captain Faul1

James Martin Kelly
Cast Actor Mookie Perkins1

James Morrison
Cast Actor Assistant Director Roper1

James O'Shea
Cast Actor Lt. Sean Ferris1

James Parks
Cast Actor Ryan Sikes1

James Urbaniak
Cast Actor 1

Jamie Elman
Cast Actor 1

Jamie Luner
Cast Actress Amanda Reed / Lt. Cmdr. Hamilton Voss1

Jamie Renée Smith
Cast Actress 1

Jarvis W. George
Cast Actor Dr. Morgan Tolliver2

Jason Beghe
Cast Actor Blake Martin1

Jason Brooks
Cast Actor Major Danny O'Donnell1

Jason London
Cast Actor 1

Jason Wiles
Cast Actor Paul Lemere1

Jeff Austin
Cast Actor Colonel Mike Granger1

Jeff Branson
Cast Actor Chad Hendricks1

Jeff Harlan
Cast Actor Reverend Miller1

Jeff Marlow
Cast Actor Survivalist Trainee #11

Jeff Wincott
Cast Actor GySgt Leeka1

Jeffrey Pierce
Cast Actor SSgt Michael McMannis1

Jen Nikolaisen
Cast Actress Carla Meade1

Jennifer Dundas
Cast Actress Lynn Simons1

Jennifer Esposito
Cast Actress Alex Quinn24

Jennifer Hall
Cast Actress Daphne Everett1

Jennifer Lyons
Cast Actress Zoey1

Jennifer O'Dell
Cast Actress Dina Rankin1

Jenny O'Hara
Cast Actress Alice Brodie1

Jeremiah Birkett
Cast Actor Dean Neil Patterson1

Jeremy Roberts
Cast Actor 1

Jeri Ryan
Cast Actress Rebecca Chase1

Jerry Kernion
Cast Actor Scott Rowe1

Jesse D. Goins
Cast Actor Jeffrey Wilson1

Jesse Heiman
Cast Actor Fredrick Pippin1

Jesse Plemons
Cast Actor Jason Geckler1

Jessica Steen
Cast Actress Agent Paula Cassidy6

Jessica Walter
Cast Actress Judith McKnight1

Jillian Bach
Cast Actress 1

Jim Lau
Cast Actor Vendor1

Jim Pirri
Cast Actor Randy Wiles1

Jim Rash
Cast Actor Dr. Joel Sanderson1

Jodi Bianca Wise
Cast Actress Jenny1

Joe Regalbuto
Cast Actor 1

Joe Renteria
Cast Actor Arturo Amador1

Joe Sabatino
Cast Actor H.R.T. Leader Horowitz1

Joe Torry
Cast Actor Darryl Wilkins1

Joel Brooks
Cast Actor Ronnie Mustard1

Joel Gretsch
Cast Actor Agent Stanley Burley2

John Allen Nelson
Cast Actor Lloyd Manditsky1

John Beasley
Cast Actor Daryl Hardy1

John Getz
Cast Actor 1

John L. Adams
Cast Actor Seth Patterson1

John Littlefield
Cast Actor Flight Surgeon1

John Livingston
Cast Actor Will Pritchard1

John M. Jackson
Cast Actor AJ Chegwidden2

John Marshall Jones
Cast Actor Detective Hanley1

John Pleshette
Cast Actor Tom Crawley1

John Sloan
Cast Actor Luke Pischedda1

John Thaddeus
Cast Actor Lane Harrison / Lane Danielson / Billy Collins1

Johnny Sneed
Cast Actor Agent Andrew Kramer1

Jon Cryer
Cast Actor Cyril Taft2

Jon Curry
Cast Actor Deputy Tyler Barrett1

Jon Sklaroff
Cast Actor Jonathan Redding1

Jonathan Adams
Cast Actor Thomas Zuri1

Jonathan Fraser
Cast Actor Officer Jack Lyon1

Jonathan Mangum
Cast Actor Agent Daniel T. Keating1

Jordan Marder
Cast Actor Pirate #21

Josh Daugherty
Cast Actor Devon Kane1

Josh Holloway
Cast Actor Sherrif1

Josh Randall
Cast Actor Ryan Barnes1

Josh Stamberg
Cast Actor Major Ike Varnai1

Joshua Bitton
Cast Actor Petty Officer First Class Chris Gordon1

Jude Ciccolella
Cast Actor 2

Judi Shekoni
Cast Actress Natalie Vance1

Judyann Elder
Cast Actress Marny Mathers1

Julian Bailey
Cast Actor Petty Officer Ronald Zuger1

Julie Ann Emery
Cast Actress Erin Pace1

Julie Claire
Cast Actress 1

Justin Welborn
Cast Actor John Zaprowski1

Kai Lennox
Cast Actor 1

Kari Coleman
Cast Actress 1

Karri Turner
Cast Actress Lt. Harriet Sims2

Kate Hodge
Cast Actress Agent Jane Melankovic1

Kate McNeil
Cast Actress Commander Margaret Green1

Kate Norby
Cast Actress 1

Kate Vernon
Cast Actress Caroline Morrow1

Katherine Cortez
Cast Actress Thelma McKeever1

Kathleen Gati
Cast Actress Svetlana Chernitskaya2

Kathryn Gordon
Cast Actress Young Pregnant Woman1

Katrina Law
Cast Actress Jessica Knight18

Katy Boyer
Cast Actress Lieutenant Egan1

Kay Lenz
Cast Actress 1

Keith Carradine
Cast Actor Mannheim Gold1

Keith Diamond
Cast Actor Sergeant Gregory Nutt1

Keith D. Robinson
Cast Actor Henry Caldwell1

Kelli Williams
Cast Actress Maureen Cabot2

Kelly Overton
Cast Actress 1

Kelvin Yu
Cast Actor Mr. Spiffy1

Ken Lerner
Cast Actor Albert Hencheck1

Kenneth Mitchell
Cast Actor Nathan Curtis1

Kenneth Tigar
Cast Actor Dr. Diggar Aldridge1

Kent Faulcon
Cast Actor Cdr. Reynolds1

Kent Shocknek
Cast Actor Male Reporter1

Keone Young
Cast Actor Lee Sung1

Kerr Smith
Cast Actor 2

Kevin McClatchy
Cast Actor Lieutenant David Cameron1

Kevin McCorkle
Cast Actor Colonel Dan McClafferty1

Kevin Rankin
Cast Actor Dennis Moran1

Kieran Mulroney
Cast Actor Lieutenant Reynolds1

Kiko Ellsworth
Cast Actor Willie Taylor1

Kirk B.R. Woller
Cast Actor Lieutenant Commander Wayne Julius1

Kovar McClure
Cast Duke Turner1

Kurt Caceres
Cast Actor 1

Laird Macintosh
Cast Actor Corporal Stinson1

Lance Henriksen
Cast Actor 1

Larry Cedar
Cast Actor Jason Kaplan1

Larry Clarke
Cast Actor Director1

Lauren Holly
Cast Actress Jenny Shepard67

Lawrence Monoson
Cast Actor Adam O'Neill1

Lawrence Pressman
Cast Actor Dr. Russell Pike1

Leann Hunley
Cast Actress 1

Lee Reherman
Cast Actor Sergeant Tuers1

Leif Gantvoort
Cast Actor Max Devendorf1

Leon Russom
Cast Actor Mr. Donaldson1

Leonard Roberts
Cast Actor Petty Officer Howard Carter1

Leslie Hope
Cast Actress Sarah Porter5

Lilli Birdsell
Cast Actress Jill Reynolds1

Lily Tomlin
Cast Actress 1

Lindsay Price
Cast Actress Lt. Pam Kim2

Lindy Booth
Cast Actress 1

Lisa LoCicero
Cast Actress Elena Devol1

Lisa Rieffel
Cast Actress 1

Lisa Sheridan
Cast Actress 1

Liza Lapira
Cast Actress Agent Michelle Lee12

Lloyd Kino
Cast Hitoshi Yoshida1

Lochlyn Munro
Cast Actor Kevin Holt1

Lolita Davidovich
Cast Actress Catherine Tavier1

Lorna Scott
Cast Actress Sally Parker1

Louis Mustillo
Cast Actor Emilio 'Freckles' Zucado1

Louise Lombard
Cast Actress Lara Macy2

Madison Mason
Cast Actor Colonel Bushnell1

Marco Sanchez
Cast Actor Alejandro Rivera5

Marcus Giamatti
Cast Actor 1

Marcus Lyle Brown
Cast Actor 1

Margaret Easley
Cast Actress Sara Nelson1

Margo Harshman
Cast Actress Delilah Fielding14

Marguerite MacIntyre
Cast Actress Commander Lauren Tyler1

Marianne Muellerleile
Cast Actress 1

Marina Sirtis
Cast Actress Orli Elbaz2

Mark Adair-Rios
Cast Actor Ignacio 'Iggy' Mejia1

Mark D. Espinoza
Cast Actor Sheriff Deke Lester1

Mark Griffin
Cast Actor Blue McGinty1

Mark Harmon
Cast Actor Leroy Jethro Gibbs430

Mark Holton
Cast Actor Sergeant Linn1

Mark Matkevich
Cast Actor Jake1

Mark Sivertsen
Cast Actor Commander Rivers1

Markus Flanagan
Cast Actor 1

Martha Hackett
Cast Actress 1

Martin Copping
Cast Actor Benny1

Martin Papazian
Cast Actor Sgt. Jake Roberts1

Mary Pat Gleason
Cast Actress Nurse Wells1

Mary Stuart Masterson
Cast Actress Jenna Fleming1

Matt Battaglia
Cast Actor Petty Officer Porcaro1

Matt Carmody
Cast Actor Chaplain Brett Evans1

Matt Champagne
Cast Actor Doctor at VA Hospital1

Matt Corboy
Cast Actor Petty Officer Lance Tolliver1

Matt Craven
Cast Actor 5

Matt Malloy
Cast Actor Dr. George Petri1

Matt McCoy
Cast Actor Senator Thomas Bransfield1

Matt Nolan
Cast Actor Paul Spencer1

Matt Sigloch
Cast Actor Man1

Matt Winston
Cast Actor Rick Carvell1

Matthew Arkin
Cast Actor Graham Novak1

Matthew Ashford
Cast Actor Rick Martel1

Matthew Del Negro
Cast Actor Agent Balboa1

Matthew Glave
Cast Actor John McGee1

Mauricio Mendoza
Cast Actor Rico Caldas1

Max Gail
Cast Actor 1

Megan Gallagher
Cast Actress Jennifer Leo2

Melissa Greenspan
Cast Actress Mother1

Mercedes Colon
Cast Actress Petty Officer Second Class Gina1

Meredith Monroe
Cast Actress 1

Merritt Wever
Cast Actress Wendy Smith1

Michael Adler
Cast Actor Captain Burger1

Michael B. Silver
Cast Actor 1

Michael Benyaer
Cast Actor 1

Michael Chieffo
Cast Actor Randy Devereaux1

Michael Dempsey
Cast Actor Coach Morgan1

Michael Gaston
Cast Actor Major Dougherty1

Michael Gilden
Cast Marty Pearson2

Michael Hagerty
Cast Actor Andrew Hoffman1

Michael Hyatt
Cast Actress 1

Michael Maize
Cast Actor Security Guard1

Michael McLafferty
Cast Actor Kyle1

Michael Nouri
Cast Actor Eli David5

Michael Reilly Burke
Cast Actor Frank Connell1

Michael Rose
Cast Actor Walter Richter1

Michael Shamus Wiles
Cast Actor Jimmy1

Michael Welch
Cast Actor Kody Meyers1

Michael Whaley
Cast Actor 1

Michelle Anne Johnson
Cast Actress Emma Fisher1

Michelle Krusiec
Cast Actress Agent Maya1

Michelle Wolff
Cast Actress 1

Mike Beaver
Cast Actor Larry West1

Mike Erwin
Cast Actor 1

Mike Farrell
Cast Actor Miles Deakin2

Mike Starr
Cast Actor Monroe Cooper1

Mimi Rogers
Cast Actress Joanna Teague1

Ming Lo
Cast Actor Davey Chen1

Mini Anden
Cast Actress Hannah Bresling1

Misha Collins
Cast Actor Justin Farris1

Missy Yager
Cast Actress Michelle Davison1

Mo Gallini
Cast Actor 1

Molly Hagan
Cast Actress Audrey Vetter1

Morgan Weisser
Cast Actor Vincent Hanlan1

Morocco Omari
Cast Actor Agent Thomas Survoy1

Cast Actress Samantha 'Jade' King1

Myk Watford
Cast Actor Major Eric Sweigart1

Nancy Linehan Charles
Cast Actress Ruthann Harrison1

Nat Faxon
Cast Actor Carter Finch1

Natalie Denise Sperl
Cast Actress Milaana Shishani1

Nathan Anderson
Cast Actor Luke Walters1

Ned Vaughn
Cast Actor Captain Dean Pullman1

Nefetari Spencer
Cast Actress Realtor1

Nick Boraine
Cast Actor Merriweather2

Nick Chinlund
Cast Actor Detective Steve Rosetti1

Nick Jaine
Cast Actor Jason Patel1

Nikolai Nikolaeff
Cast Actor Xavier Zolotov1

Noah Segan
Cast Actor Kyle Hendricks2

Norbert Weisser
Cast Actor Dr. Rutger1

Olesya Rulin
Cast Actress Kim Troutman1

Olivia Burnette
Cast Actress Sarah Lowell1

Omar J. Dorsey
Cast Actor Vernon Dale1

Paige Turco
Cast Actress Linda Pride1

Parry Shen
Cast Actor Ben Richmond1

Patricia De Leon
Cast Actress 1

Patrick Duffy
Cast Actor Jack Briggs1

Patrick Fabian
Cast Actor Ray Vincent1

Patrick Fischler
Cast Actor George Stenner1

Patrick Macmanus
Cast Actor Seaman Apprentice Sparks1

Patrick St. Esprit
Cast Actor 1

Paul Schulze
Cast Actor Major Ken Meyers1

Paula Newsome
Cast Actress 1

Pauley Perrette
Cast Actress Abby Sciuto354

Peggy Stewart
Cast Actress 1

Penny Johnson
Cast Actress 1

Pepper Sweeney
Cast Actor Commander Jeff Fletcher1

Perry Anzilotti
Cast Actor 1

Pete Gardner
Cast Actor Detective Swanson1

Peter Giles
Cast Actor Torsten Engler1

Peter Jason
Cast Actor 1

Peter Murnik
Cast Actor Michael Caplinger1

Peter O'Meara
Cast Marco Sali1

Peter Onorati
Cast Actor Chief of the Boat1

Phil Abrams
Cast Actor Hotel Manager1

Phil Morris
Cast Actor Capt. Paul Martino1

Philip Lenkowsky
Cast Actor Squeegee Man1

Philippe Brenninkmeyer
Cast Actor Dapper Don1

Phillip Rhys
Cast Actor Agent Yussif1

Ping Wu
Cast Actor Peter Liu1

Priscilla Barnes
Cast Actress Mrs. Skalbe1

Rachel Boston
Cast Actress Siri Albert1

Rachel Kimsey
Cast Actress Petty Officer Erica Perelli1

Ramon De Ocampo
Cast Actor Farshad Saravi1

Ravil Isyanov
Cast Actor Robert John Stevens / Nikolai Puchenko1

Ray Wise
Cast Actor Wayne Tobett1

Razaaq Adoti
Cast Actor 1

Rebecca Lowman
Cast Actress Lisa Mason1

Rebecca McFarland
Cast Actress Detective Rachel Rapp1

Rebecca Wisocky
Cast Actress Jody Carvell1

Reginald Ballard
Cast Actor Antwane Mann1

Reiko Aylesworth
Cast Actress Ann Marshall1

Rena Sofer
Cast Actress Margaret Allison Hart6

Rene L. Moreno
Cast Actor Hector Cruz1

Rich Hutchman
Cast Actor Deputy Andrews1

Richard Burgi
Cast Actor 1

Richard Keith
Cast Frank Dreyer1

Richard Lineback
Cast Actor 1

Richard Riehle
Cast Actor Walt Osorio1

Richard Whiten
Cast Actor Lt. Jody Hampton1

Rick Gonzalez
Cast Actor Lenny Machaca1

Rick Hoffman
Cast Actor Kelvin Ridgeway1

Rick Otto
Cast Actor Adrian Nelson1

Rick Overton
Cast Actor Elmer Barlow1

Rico E. Anderson
Cast Actor Rick Samson1

Rizwan Manji
Cast Actor Dr. Pandy1

Rob Benedict
Cast Actor Aaron Alan Wright1

Rob Brownstein
Cast Actor Wayne Gordon1

Robert Bagnell
Cast Actor Leonard Rush1

Robert Costanzo
Cast Actor Jimmy 'Jimmy Naps' Napolitano1

Robert Mailhouse
Cast Actor Malcolm Lucas1

Robert Neary
Cast Actor Travis Cook1

Robert Newman
Cast Actor Wayne Hargrove1

Robert Pine
Cast Actor Theodore Randolph1

Robert Ri'chard
Cast Actor 1

Robert Rusler
Cast Actor Lt. Col. Curtis Teague1

Robert Wisdom
Cast Actor 1

Robin Pearson Rose
Cast Actress Clea's Mother1

Robin Riker
Cast Actress Saleena Lockhart1

Rocky Carroll
Cast Actor Leon Vance277

Rocky McMurray
Cast Actor Officer Mitchell1

Rodney Eastman
Cast Actor Wendell Kaiser1

Roger Cross
Cast Actor LCDR David Warfield1

Roma Maffia
Cast Actress Vera Strickland1

Ron Melendez
Cast Actor 1

Rudolf Martin
Cast Actor Ari Haswari6

Ruth Zalduondo
Cast Actor Angela Meyers1

Ryan Kennedy
Cast Actor Peter Woodruff1

Sal Landi
Cast Actor Commander Stovic1

Samuel Witwer
Cast Actor Staff Sgt. Rafael1

Samantha Quan
Cast Actress Amy Lyndon1

Samm Levine
Cast Actor 1

Sandra Hess
Cast Actress Regine Smidt3

Sandra Nelson
Cast Actress Jessica Terdei2

Sara Botsford
Cast Actress 1

Sarah Clarke
Cast Actress FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe2

Sarah Jane Morris
Cast Actress E.J. Barrett4

Sasha Alexander
Cast Actress Caitlin Todd49

Scott Alan Smith
Cast Actor Det. Mark Mauceri1

Scott Anthony Leet
Cast Actor Jason Edom1

Scott Atkinson
Cast Actor LCDR Kyle Ross1

Scott Bakula
Cast Actor Dwayne Pride3

Scott Beehner
Cast Actor Milton1

Scott Grimes
Cast Actor 1

Scott Holroyd
Cast P.O. Kevin Massey1

Scott Klace
Cast Actor 1

Scott Lawrence
Cast Actor Sturgis Turner2

Scott Menville
Cast Actor Donald Pretorius1

Scott Michael Campbell
Cast Actor Robert Miller1

Scott William Winters
Cast Actor Westley Clark3

Scott Williamson
Cast Actor Governor Charles Norin1

Sean McGowan
Cast Actor Lieutenant Wallace1

Sean Murray
Cast Actor Timothy McGee414

Sean O'Bryan
Cast Actor David Shields1

Sean Patrick Murphy
Cast Actor Arnold Craig1

Sean Patrick Thomas
Cast Actor Ian Rackham1

Seana Kofoed
Cast Actress CEO Virginia Wilson1

Senta Moses
Cast Actress Katherine Atwood1

Serena Scott Thomas
Cast Actress Black Rose1

Seth Adkins
Cast Actor Sean Hodges1

Seth Peterson
Cast Actor Thomas Pearce1

Shaun Toub
Cast Actor Khalid Mohammed Bakr1

Sheila Frazier
Cast Actress ZNN Reporter Debra Green1

Shelly Cole
Cast Actress 1

Sherman Augustus
Cast Actor Captain Daniel Lemay1

Shishir Kurup
Cast Actor Khalil Farooq1

Shohreh Aghdashloo
Cast Actress 1

Sondra Currie
Cast Actress Lillian Hencheck1

Sonya Leslie
Cast Actress Nancy1

Spencer Garrett
Cast Actor Commander Spencer1

Stacy Edwards
Cast Actress Commander Janice Byers1

Stacy Haiduk
Cast Actress Melissa Dorn1

Stefanie von Pfetten
Cast Actress 1

Stephanie Hodge
Cast Sheriff Charlene 'Charlie' Dupray1

Stephanie Niznik
Cast Actress 1

Stephen Lee
Cast Actor Chuck Bayliss1

Steven Bauer
Cast Actor Miguel Torres1

Steven Brand
Cast Actor Ian 'Bulldog' Hitch1

Steven Eckholdt
Cast Actor Dr. Brad Pitt1

Steven Elder
Cast Actor 1

Stuart Stone
Cast Actor Dillon1

Sumalee Montano
Cast Actress Nicole Taggart1

Susan Diol
Cast Actress Dr. Leslie Burke1

Susan Floyd
Cast Actress 1

Susan Walters
Cast Actress Marcy Brooks1

Susanna Thompson
Cast Actress Hollis Mann7

Susse Budde
Cast Actress Laura Osgood1

T. J. Thyne
Cast Actor Carl1

Teddy Lane Jr.
Cast Actor Deputy Barney1

Tim DeKay
Cast Actor 1

Tim Griffin
Cast Actor Sergeant Malcolm Porter1

Tim Guinee
Cast Actor 1

Tim Lounibos
Cast Actor Paul Atwood1

Tim Russ
Cast Actor Jerry Kemper1

Titus Welliver
Cast Actor Capt. Roger Walsh1

Todd Louiso
Cast Actor Lyle Waznicki1

Todd Lowe
Cast Actor 3

Tom Bower
Cast Actor Sheriff Miller Thompson1

Tom Choi
Cast Actor Bradley Hall1

Tom Fitzpatrick
Cast Actor Walter Beck1

Tom Gallop
Cast Actor Victor Sterling1

Tom McCleister
Cast Actor Mr. Green1

Tommy Hinkley
Cast Actor Deer Hunter1

Tony Armatrading
Cast Actor Wilson N'Diaye1

Tracy Middendorf
Cast Actress 1

Tracy Scoggins
Cast Actress 1

Travis Aaron Wade
Cast Actor Lt. Mark Schilz1

Tripp Pickell
Cast Actor Petty Officer Pete Bidwell1

Troian Bellisario
Cast Actress Sarah McGee3

Troy Blendell
Cast Actor Bernard Wilson1

Troy Brenna
Cast Actor 1

Tyrees Allen
Cast Actor Deputy Director Dean Welsh1

V.J. Foster
Cast Arkady Kobach1

Valarie Rae Miller
Cast Actress 1

Vanessa Bell Calloway
Cast Actress Sally Hammond1

Victor McCay
Cast Actor Ashton1

Victor Raider-Wexler
Cast Actor Patrick Carmody1

Victoria Gabrielle Platt
Cast Actress Veronica Tyler2

Vincent Angell
Cast Actor Bruce Webb1

Virginia Williams
Cast Actress Leah Ramsey1

Vito D'Ambrosio
Cast Actor Jonny Zucado2

Webster Williams
Cast Actor Colonel Jasper Shepard1

Wendy Braun
Cast Actress Cindy Sanchez1

Wendy Makkena
Cast Actress Rachel Cranston1

Will Burke
Cast Detective Todd Miller1

William Bumiller
Cast Actor 1

William Devane
Cast Actor Nicolas Mason1

William Gregory Lee
Cast Actor Sgt. Keith Archer1

William Mapother
Cast Actor Kyle Grayson1

William O'Leary
Cast Actor Martin Freydano1

William R. Moses
Cast Actor Edison Geary1

William Ragsdale
Cast Actor Brett Creevy1

William deVry
Cast Actor Commander Stone1

Willie C. Carpenter
Cast Arthur Gruden1

Wilmer Valderrama
Cast Actor Nick Torres124

Wilson Cruz
Cast Actor 1

Zoe McLellan
Cast Actress Meredith Brody3

Aaron Abrams
Cast Actor Todd Price1

Aaron Craven
Cast Actor Eric Riley1

Aaron Hill
Cast Actor William Blake1

Abby Brammell
Cast Actress 1

Abigail Breslin
Cast Actress Sandy Watson1

Adam Mayfield
Cast Actor Tall Tony1

Alan Pietruszewski
Cast Actor Navy Captain Tom Zill1

Alana Stelling
Cast Petty Officer Meg Walker1

Alex Frost
Cast Actor Jerry1

Alexander Wraith
Cast Actor Lieutenant Gorman1

Alina Phelan
Cast Actress Amy1

Allen Maldonado
Cast Actor Raymond Smith1

Amin Joseph
Cast Actor 1

Amir Talai
Cast Actor Simi1

Amy Tipton
Cast Actress Liza Taylor1

Anastasia Baranova
Cast Actress Melissa Canon1

Andrew Friedman
Cast Actor 1

Annie Tedesco
Cast Actress Liz Cortland1

Annie Wersching
Cast Actress 1

April Matson
Cast Actress Carolyn1

Aramis Knight
Cast Actor Nick Miller1

Arlene Santana
Cast Actress Constance Shaw1

Arnell Powell
Cast Actor Abraham Moussalah1

Asante Jones
Cast Actor Detective Andy Kochofis1

Assaf Cohen
Cast Actor Eli 'Goliath' Lisack1

Augustus Prew
Cast Actor Anton Markin1

Austin Basis
Cast Actor Dallas1

Ben Giroux
Cast Actor Tiny Tony1

Bradley Snedeker
Cast Actor Petty Officer Second Class Carnahan1

Brady Allen
Cast Actor Benjamin Curtis1

Brandon Fobbs
Cast 1

Brett DelBuono
Cast Actor Brian Dokes1

Brian Dietzen
Cast Actor Jimmy Palmer275

Brit Shaw
Cast Actress Allison1

Brooklyn McLinn
Cast Actor Sergeant Jim Gilroy1

Cameron Goodman
Cast Actress Maddie Tyler1

Chase Kim
Cast Actor SRT Sniper1

Chase Ryan Jeffery
Cast Actor Kyle Zolin1

Chelsea Tavares
Cast Actress Ramona Whistler1

Chet Grissom
Cast Actor Rupert Kittridge1

Chris Heuisler
Cast Seaman Joe Wilkins1

Chris Jarvis
Cast 1

Chris Johnson
Cast Actor Petty Officer James Morgan1

Chris Sheffield
Cast Actor Vince1

Christine Woods
Cast Actress 1

Clark Freeman
Cast Actor Bill Lester1

Connie Jackson
Cast Elaine6

Cote de Pablo
Cast Actress Ziva David192

Craig Welzbacher
Cast Actor George Mansur1

Crystal Allen
Cast Actress Laura1

Damian O'Hare
Cast Actor Former NCIS Special Agent Allen Kane1

Dan Warner
Cast Actor Federal Marshal1

Daniel Lee Robertson III
Cast Actor See1

Daniela Ruah
Cast Actress Kensi Blye2

Dante Swain
Cast Adam Meyers1

Darby Stanchfield
Cast Actress Shannon Gibbs5

Dariush Kashani
Cast Actor 1

David Dayan Fisher
Cast Actor Trent Kort14

David Henrie
Cast Actor Willy Shields1

David Rountree
Cast Actor Surveillance Technician1

David S. Lee
Cast Actor 1

David Sullivan
Cast Actor 1

David de Lautour
Cast Actor 1

Deanna Russo
Cast Actress Ashley1

Demetrius Grosse
Cast Actor Atif Nukunda1

Demetrius Joyette
Cast Actor Jonathan Zee1

Dilshad Vadsaria
Cast Actress Shakira Zayd1

Dominic Rains
Cast Actor 1

Dominic Scott Kay
Cast Actor Carson Taylor1

Donny Boaz
Cast Actor Kit Jones1

Dorian Brown Pham
Cast Actress Agent Courtney Krieger1

Duane Henry
Cast Actor Clayton Reeves50

Dylan Bruce
Cast Actor 1

Eddie Shin
Cast Actor 1

Ella Thomas
Cast Actress Heidi1

Ellen Hollman
Cast Actress NCIS Special Agent Tina Larsen1

Eltony Williams
Cast Actor Cal Groves1

Emily Baldoni
Cast Actress 1

Emma Bates
Cast Actress Petty Officer Egan1

Eric Ladin
Cast Actor Petty Officer Thompson1

Eric Lange
Cast Actor William Lafferty1

Erin Cummings
Cast Actress Ellen Wallace1

Fernanda Andrade
Cast Actress Leticia Gomez1

Fred Cross
Cast Actor Store Manager1

Gaius Charles
Cast Actor Jason King1

Gil McKinney
Cast Actor Crewman1

Gloria Votsis
Cast Actress Dana1

Graham Shiels
Cast Actor Martin Jansen1

Haaz Sleiman
Cast Actor 1

Hawk Younkins
Cast Actor Lt. Dan Muttick1

Heidi Dippold
Cast Actress Laura / Linda Seeger1

Homie Doroodian
Cast Actor Seth Shakir1

Hosea Chanchez
Cast Actor Marine Lance Cpl. Jaime Ramos1

Hrach Titizian
Cast Actor Tariq Abassi 'Son in Law'1

Jackie Geary
Cast Actress Susan Grady1

Jackson Hurst
Cast Actor 1

James Huang
Cast Actor Petty Officer Wong1

James Martinez
Cast Actor Lieutenant Eduardo Almeida1

Jane Hajduk
Cast Attractive Woman1

Janina Gavankar
Cast Actress 1

Jared Farid Ward
Cast Actor Eric Kagen1

Jarrod Bailey
Cast Actor Chris Valley1

Jason Alan Smith
Cast Actor Cpl. Wade Kean1

Jeremy Brandt
Cast Corpsman1

Jesse Garcia
Cast Actor 1

Jocelyn Ayanna
Cast Actress Mrs. Dawson1

Joe Egender
Cast Actor Robert Graves1

Jonathan Sadowski
Cast Actor Lt. Norski1

Jonno Roberts
Cast Actor 1

Jordan Garrett
Cast Actor Stephen Rose1

Joseph Castanon
Cast Zach Tanner1

Josh Emerson
Cast Actor Aaron Connolly1

Karissa Vacker
Cast Louise Banner1

Kate Lacey
Cast Actress Ensign Christina Soloman1

Katherine Bailess
Cast Actress Madison1

Katie A. Keane
Cast Actress Laurie Niles1

Katie Leclerc
Cast Actress Diana Murphy1

Katie Lowes
Cast Actress 1

Kevin Sizemore
Cast Actor Sgt. William Moore2

Lena Georgas
Cast Actress Dina Bashir1

Lev Gorn
Cast Actor Anton Pavlenko1

Linc Hand
Cast Damien Hunter1

Lindsay Pulsipher
Cast Actress Tina Ellis1

Lou George
Cast Actor Building Manager1

Mac Brandt
Cast Actor Jake Spoke1

Mandy June Turpin
Cast Actress Karen Bright1

Manuel Uriza
Cast Actor Nicolas Rebollo1

Marcella Lentz-Pope
Cast Actress Amy Bright1

Marcy Harriell
Cast Actress 1

Mary Mouser
Cast Actress Kelly Gibbs10

Matt Bushell
Cast Actor Lt. Rob King1

Matt Orduna
Cast Actor Harvey1

Matthew Bellows
Cast Actor Reginald Barkley1

Mercedes Mason
Cast Actress Heather Kincaid1

Merik Tadros
Cast Actor Michael Rivkin5

Merle Dandridge
Cast Actress Agent Marcy Carruthers1

Mia Barron
Cast Actress Doctor Katrina Griffin1

Michael Esparza
Cast LCpl Jose Silva1

Michael Guarnera
Cast Actor Vic Gera1

Michael Steger
Cast Actor Mohamed Esfiri1

Michelle Pierce
Cast Actress Breena Palmer1

Nichelle Hines
Cast Actress Norma Hench1

Nick Toren
Cast Actor Dwight's Father1

Nicole Steinwedell
Cast Actress Olivia Chandler1

Oren Skoog
Cast Actor Fanny-Packed Tourist1

Patrick J. Adams
Cast Actor 1

Paul Greene
Cast Actor 1

Paul Hodge
Cast Actor UN Soldier1

Paul Norwood
Cast Actor Jesse Gilford1

Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
Cast Actor 1

Ravi Kapoor
Cast Actor Bashir Malik1

Rebekah Brandes
Cast Actress 1

Richard Brooks
Cast Actor Lieutenant Colonel Walsh1

Rick Kelly
Cast Actor Navy Captain1

Rob Evors
Cast Actor David Harketti1

Robert Adamson
Cast Actor Lucas Craig1

Robert Baker
Cast Actor Seaman1

Ron Bottitta
Cast Actor 1

Ronnie Gene Blevins
Cast Actor 1

Roshawn Franklin
Cast Actor Crew Chief Rogers1

Ross Thomas
Cast Actor 1

Ryan Carnes
Cast Actor 1

Ryan Tasz
Cast Actor Petty Officer David Bowman1

Sammy Sheik
Cast Actor Iraqi Militia Guard at Road Block1

Sarah Utterback
Cast Actress 1

Sasha Roiz
Cast Actor 1

Scottie Thompson
Cast Actress Jeanne Benoit17

Sebastian Sozzi
Cast Actor Kevin Deacon1

Sky Soleil
Cast Actor 1

Spencer Daniels
Cast Actor 1

Stephanie Lemelin
Cast Actress Melody Hanson1

Stephen Monroe Taylor
Cast Actor Wayne 'The Snail' Levinson1

Sterling K. Brown
Cast Actor Elijah Banner1

Susan Kelechi Watson
Cast Actress Nikki Jardine2

Tamer Hassan
Cast Actor Agah Bayar4

Tehmina Sunny
Cast Actress Leyla Shakarji1

Teo Olivares
Cast Actor 1

Thea Rose
Cast Actress Chrissy Wayne1

Tonya Cornelisse
Cast Actress 1

Travis Hammer
Cast Actor Randall Sledge1

Vladimir Rajčić
Cast Actor Agent Mark11

Walter Perez
Cast Actor Michael Waters1

Ward Roberts
Cast Actor Pilot1

Wayne Lopez
Cast Actor Desmond Waters1

Wes Brown
Cast Actor 1

Will Harris
Cast Actor Murray Hines1

Wilson Bethel
Cast Actor P.O. John Kirby1

Wolé Parks
Cast Actor Navy Captain1

Wyatt Smith
Cast Actor Frankie1

Zac Efron
Cast Actor Daniel Austin1

Zoe Perry
Cast Actress Officer Kristen1

Aaron Moten
Cast Actor Wendell Hobb1

Aaron O'Connell
Cast Actor Jordan Peralta1

Abhi Sinha
Cast Actor Khan1

Adrian Gonzalez
Cast Watchstander1

Alisha Boe
Cast Actress Farrah Meyers1

Andrew Lander
Cast Young Jackson Gibbs1

Ashlynn Yennie
Cast Actress Daughter1

Ava Gaudet
Cast Actress Lisa Bock1

Barrett Foa
Cast Actor Eric Beale2

Benjamin Stockham
Cast Actor Henry Marshall1

Brad Benedict
Cast Actor Nick Rossmore1

Brandi Burkhardt
Cast 1

Brighton Sharbino
Cast Actress Young Abby Sciuto1

Cameron Jebo
Cast Actor Golan1

Carrie Wiita
Cast Actress Lana1

Cassidy Freeman
Cast Actress Eva Azarova1

Cherie Jimenez
Cast Actress Senator Ortega1

Damon Dayoub
Cast Actor Adam Eshel4

Eduardo Ambriz DeColosio
Cast Actor Ricky McCoy1

Emily Wickersham
Cast Actress Ellie Bishop180

Hilary Ward
Cast Jessica Shaeffer1

Isaiah Mustafa
Cast Actor 1

Jeananne Goossen
Cast Actress Joan Matteson3

Jeffrey Boehm
Cast Actor Polygraph Specialist Oliver Bale1

Josie Loren
Cast Actress Jane1

Julia Cho
Cast Actress Ginger Uwanawich1

Julia Rose
Cast Actress Female Bartender1

Kamal Jones
Cast Actor Paramedic1

Katie Roberts
Cast Actress Joni Ryan2

Kendall Ryan Sanders
Cast Actor 1

Krys Marshall
Cast Suzy1

Kunal Nayyar
Cast Actor Youssef Zidan1

Kurt Yaeger
Cast Actor Freddie Linn1

Lawrence Kao
Cast Actor Pete Cannizaro1

Liz Holtan
Cast Actress Holly Farrell1

Matt Biedel
Cast Actor Kevin Daly1

Matt McTighe
Cast Actor Allan Hayes1

Max Adler
Cast Actor Luke Stana1

Max Deacon
Cast Actor Ben Ramsey1

Michael Rupnow
Cast Actor Parker James1

Mila Brener
Cast Actress Kelly Gibbs2

Miles Gaston Villanueva
Cast Actor John Alexander1

Necar Zadegan
Cast Actress Lt. Rihama Shaheen1
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