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Night Stalker The Hunt for a Serial Killer

Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (2021)

Full Cast & Crew

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PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes

Greg Tillman
CrewProductionCo-Executive Producer, Editor4

Brooke Blair
CrewSoundOriginal Music Composer4

Ed Greene

Eli Holzman
CrewProductionExecutive Producer4

Nicola Marsh
CrewCameraDirector of Photography1

Tiller Russell
CrewProductionExecutive Producer, Director4

Will Blair
CrewSoundOriginal Music Composer4

James Carroll
CrewDirectingDirector, Additional Editor, Additional Director of Photography1

Tim Walsh
CrewProductionExecutive Producer4

Chris Walldorf
CrewEditingLead Editor1

Aaron Saidman
CrewProductionExecutive Producer4

David Holthouse
CrewProductionCo-Executive Producer4

Dana Keating
CrewProductionProduction Manager4

Paul-Michel Pierre-Benoist
CrewProductionCo-Executive Producer4

Rick Milewski
CrewEditingAdditional Editor1

Dan Lawler
CrewProductionProduction Coordinator4

Patricia Bobek
CrewProductionSupervising Producer4

Malia J. Granite

Dianne Feinstein
CastActressSelf (archive footage)1

Tom Bradley
CastActorSelf - Los Angeles Mayor (archive footage)1

Gil Carrillo
CastActorSelf - Homicide Bureau, LA County Sheriff4

Zoey Tur
CastActressSelf - Journalist, Los Angeles News Service4

Frank Salerno
CastActorSelf - Homicide Bureau, LA County Sheriff4

Paul Skolnick
CastActorSelf - Producer, KNBC News4

Sherman Block
CastActorSelf - Los Angeles County Sheriff (archive footage)3

Patty Nelson
CastActressSelf - Daughter-in-Law of Joyce Nelson2

John Rodriguez
CastActorSelf - Sheriff's Deputy, LA County Jail1

Colleen Nelson
CastActressSelf - Granddaughter of Joyce Nelson2

Cornelius P. Murphy
CastActorSelf - San Francisco Police Chief (archive footage)1

Andy Ramirez
CastActorSelf - Deputy, LA County Sheriff1

Anastasia Hronas
CastActressSelf - Night Stalker Survivor2

Don Nelson
CastActorSelf - Son of Joyce Nelson2

Arturo Hernandez
CastActorSelf - Defense Attorney for Richard Ramirez1

Judith Kneiding Arnold
CastActressSelf - Daughter of Max and Lela Kneiding2

Phil Halpin
CastSelf - Deputy District Attorney, LA County (archive footage)1

Maria Hernandez
CastActressSelf - Dayle's Roomate / Survivor (archive footage)1

Glen Creason
CastActorSelf - Librarian, LA Public Library2

Linda Arthur
CastActressSelf - Crime Scene Technician , LA County Sheriff4

James Romero
CastActorSelf - Witness (archive footage)1

Frank Falzon
CastActorSelf - Inspector, San Francisco Police2

Pearl Carrillo
CastActressSelf - Wife of Gil Carrillo4

Robin Sandoval
CastActressSelf - Granddaughter of Max and Lela Kneiding1

Ester Petschar
CastActressSelf - Los Angeles Resident2

Alan Yochelson
CastActorSelf - Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County1

Laurel Erickson
CastActressSelf - Reporter, KNBC News4

Brad Gates
CastActorSelf - Orange County Sheriff1

Gerry Burke
CastActorSelf - Criminalist, LA County Sheriff1

Tony Valdez
CastActorSelf - Reporter, KTTV News4

John Boussard
CastActorSelf - Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (archive footage)1

Lorraine Rodriguez
CastActressSelf - Night Stalker Survivor1

Richard Ramirez
PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes
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