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User Comments for: Pachinko

earlplacido says...
one year ago
the book is amazing, cant waitttt
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Ziegelus says...
10 months ago
This is about family and trust. And why many Koreans are still mad at Japanese (basically because they didn't apologize for what happened in the series). We follow a family through several generations and see how important family cohesion is. Especially in 4K, this series looks so damn good. The set and locations are just beautiful. Min-Ha Kim plays so damn well and manages to develop a personality over the series that you can relate to and sympathize with. I've rarely seen facial expressions and emotions so damn good. Yuh-jung Youn is just as simply wonderful and you fall in love with her immediately. But let's note, the whole cast is very very well chosen. The more you watch the more you get into the family. I am excited for the second season!
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miguelreina says...
11 months ago
[tv+] The irregular structure of the story contributes to building a dialogue between the different generations in a family marked by trauma and a certain fatality. And skillfully builds an eminently Eastern family saga with elements of Western narrative, which is not negative in this case, quite the opposite. And especially it rests on the perfect tandem of directors Kogonada and Justin Chon, who provide breadth and approach in their respective episodes.
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