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Pantheon Poster


TV Show
Prime Video, AMC+
Animation, Drama, Science Fiction
2 Seasons
16 Episodes
A bullied teen receives mysterious help from someone online: a stranger soon revealed to be her recently deceased father, David, whose consciousness has been uploaded to the Cloud following an experimental destructive brain scan. David is the first of a new kind of being – an “Uploaded Intelligence” or “UI” – but he will not be the last, as a global conspiracy unfolds that threatens to trigger a new kind of world war.
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Latest Episodes

The Gods Have Not Died In Vain
The Gods Have Not Died In Vain
Season 2 Episode 1
October 15th 2023
Crack Integrity
Crack Integrity
Season 2 Episode 2
October 15th 2023
Joey Coupet
Joey Coupet
Season 2 Episode 3
October 15th 2023
Olivia  Farhad
Olivia & Farhad
Season 2 Episode 4
October 15th 2023
Season 2 Episode 5
October 15th 2023
Season 2 Episode 6
October 15th 2023
The World to Come
The World to Come
Season 2 Episode 7
October 15th 2023
Deep Time
Deep Time
Season 2 Episode 8
October 15th 2023
The Gods Will Not Be Slain
The Gods Will Not Be Slain
Season 1 Episode 8
October 13th 2022
We Are You
We Are You
Season 1 Episode 7
October 6th 2022
Paul Dano
Caspian Keyes (voice)
Rosemarie DeWitt
Ellen Kim (voice)
Ron Livingston
Peter Waxman (voice)
Chris Diamantopoulos
Julius Pope (voice)
Samuel Roukin
Gabe (voice)
Michael Kelly
Karl Van Leuwen (voice)
Ajay Mehta
Ajit Prasad (voice)
Julian Lerner
Reign of Winter Players (voice)
Krystina Alabado
Hannah (voice)
Nyima Funk
Deirdre Ryan (voice)
Kevin Durand
Anssi (voice)
Heather Lind
Reporter 1 (voice)
Suraj Sharma
IT Officer (voice)
Clyde Kusatsu
Ping (voice)
Created By: Craig Silverstein

Featured Comments/Tips

coasttech says...
2 years ago
I really enjoyed this and recommend it!
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
Majduckworth says...
6 months ago
An absolute masterpiece. I wish it could have gone on for longer, but it's no less perfect
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
WinsomeHax says...
2 months ago
This series is breathtakingly ambitious. The first season is science fiction as it should be done on TV. It didn't expect it to go even further in the second season. The story begins, no spoilers, with the idea of the first humans who upload into computers and how this triggers the SF concept of "singularity". All I have told you so far is what you can read on a "premise" of the show. The show is animated but don't let that pit you off. The voice talent is stellar. The story in season 1 takes its time to get going as it begins in the mundane and then launches into SF. Trust me when I tell you it's nothing compared to where season 2 is eventually going. It's a well made and intelligent science fiction TV show and deserves your attention.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
deepuj says...
2 months ago
This show is fantastic. Absolute masterpiece!
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

Featured User Reviews

7/10  3 months ago
While a lot about this show is fantastic, its sprawling scope begins to undermine the themes at the heart of the show.

The writing is great but a several shades from perfect, narrative arcs are meaningful and move quickly, and the characters are reasonable and pragmatic. The animation is utterly me More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100

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