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Rocket Monkeys Poster

Rocket Monkeys

TV Show
Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Animation, Comedy
3 Seasons
130 Episodes
This Canadian cartoon focuses on two monkey brothers named Gus and Wally who are in outer space working as GASI agents (Galactic Animal Space Institute agents, so no pun intended!). They are accompanied by their robot friend YAY-OK and their boss Dr. Chimpsky as they are sent on missions to accomplish different tasks, including defeating their enemies.
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Latest Episodes

Yuk Yuk YayOk
Yuk Yuk Yay-Ok
Season 3 Episode 51
January 16th 2017
Optical Delusion
Optical Delusion
Season 3 Episode 50
January 13th 2017
Best Enemies
Best Enemies
Season 3 Episode 49
January 12th 2017
Adventures in Robositting
Adventures in Robo-sitting
Season 3 Episode 48
January 11th 2017
Bucket Full of Brobot
Bucket Full of Brobot
Season 3 Episode 47
January 10th 2017
Bananas vs Robots
Bananas vs Robots
Season 3 Episode 46
January 9th 2017
Season 3 Episode 45
January 6th 2017
What Does The Clam Say
What Does The Clam Say?
Season 3 Episode 44
January 5th 2017
Flipping Out
Flipping Out
Season 3 Episode 43
January 4th 2017
Brobot Knows Best
Brobot Knows Best
Season 3 Episode 42
January 3rd 2017
Sen Cullen
Gus / Nefarious / Deep Space Dave (...
David Berni
YAY-OK (voice)
Jamie Watson
Dr. Chimpsky / He-Rilla (voice)
Mark McKinney
Lord Peel (voice)
Shoshana Sperling
She-Rilla / Tina (voice)
Kayla Lorette
Monkevil (voice)
Mark Little
Gamester-X (voice)
Teresa Pavlinek
Slo-Mo (voice)
Fab Filippo
YAY-OK 7 (voice)
Laurie Elliott
Banana-Lee (voice)
Scott Thompson
Queen Bee (voice)
Lisa Norton
Belindor (voice)
Josh Graham
Rimsky Chimpsky (voice)
Wendy Thatcher
Jane Goodspace (voice)
Rob Tinkler
Cornelius (voice)
Cory Doran
Rocket Bunny (voice)
Valerie Buhagiar
Washroom Monster (voice)
Terry McGurrin
The Twister (voice)
William Colgate
Santa (voice)
Patrick McKenna
Duke Peel (voice)

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