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Sins of Our Mother

Limited Series
1 Season
3 Episodes
Documentary, Crime
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Sins of Our Mother' Poster
When Lori Vallow's kids vanished, the search for them unearthed a trail of suspicious deaths, a new husband who shared her doomsday views — and murder.
Sins of Our Mother Poster

Sins of Our Mother

Limited Series
Documentary, Crime
1 Season
3 Episodes
When Lori Vallow's kids vanished, the search for them unearthed a trail of suspicious deaths, a new husband who shared her doomsday views — and murder.
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Featured Comments/Tips

CJanson says...
3 weeks ago
A terrifying and heartbreaking look at monstrous child murderer Lori Vallow and the mental manipulation she received at hands of her husband Chad Daybell. Somewhat incomplete in its chronicle of the events (as a lot has happened since this was released), but a decent enough primer on the case for anyone looking to be caught up to speed leading up to Daybell's ensuing trial.
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ritz657 says...
12 months ago
Shocking, Unsettling and Heartbreaking Sky Borgman's latest crime docuseries Sins of our Mother is yet another scintillating story of real life incidents which are unsettling and startling. A mother, a wife and also a daughter is involved in a series of murders which ruptures the peace in her big family. With a good mixture of archival footage, old images and interesting revelations, Sins of our Mother may not reach the levels of Sky's previous work Girl in the Picture, but definitely serves as a tear-jerking story which needs a telling. The haunting and blinded faith on the Jesus, the whitewashing of brains and a sinful man proclaiming himself the jesus of new Jerusalem forms the crux of the intense and highly dramatic turn of events which are still active in US Trials. A fascinating character study which deserves your time. Instagram @streamgenx
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marathone says...
2 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
This woman got away with so much in her life, just because of her looks, in my opinion. I don't think this is a spoiler, but if it is, no problem!
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sithhomelander says...
2 years ago
You know whats terrifying about this series? The mothers mind obviously cracked but she acts normal and thinks she has done NOTHING WRONG. The grandmother was a food as well. Really terrifying doco worth a watch in my eyes.
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Featured User Reviews

8/10  2 years ago
I wonder what is the difference between a madman who believes in the imminent coming of the messiah and a madman who believes that the messiah, the son of God, walked the earth :)

Religions are kind of crazy. But I can't understand that even the doctors didn't notice that this woman is dangerous More
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