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TV Show
1 Season
10 Episodes
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Love, loss and transformative luck intersect in this musical drama about two struggling artists experiencing life at full volume in Los Angeles.
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TV Show
1 Season
10 Episodes
Love, loss and transformative luck intersect in this musical drama about two struggling artists experiencing life at full volume in Los Angeles.
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Latest Episodes

Track 1 Nellie and Sam
Track 1: Nellie and Sam
Season 1 Episode 1
December 18th 2019
Track 2 Joanna and Nellie
Track 2: Joanna and Nellie
Season 1 Episode 2
December 18th 2019
Track 3 Sam and Dante
Track 3: Sam and Dante
Season 1 Episode 3
December 18th 2019
Track 4 Margo and Frank
Track 4: Margo and Frank
Season 1 Episode 4
December 18th 2019
Track 5 Dante and Annette
Track 5: Dante and Annette
Season 1 Episode 5
December 18th 2019
Track 6 Joanna and Eleanor
Track 6: Joanna and Eleanor
Season 1 Episode 6
December 18th 2019
Track 7 Sam and Frank
Track 7: Sam and Frank
Season 1 Episode 7
December 18th 2019
Track 8 Gigi and Jean
Track 8: Gigi and Jean
Season 1 Episode 8
December 18th 2019
Track 9 Margot and Annette
Track 9: Margot and Annette
Season 1 Episode 9
December 18th 2019
Track 10 Finale
Track 10: Finale
Season 1 Episode 10
December 18th 2019
Paul James
Sam Hughes
Callie Hernandez
Nellie O'Brien
Jenna Dewan
Joanna Kassem
Jahmil French
Dante Mendoza
Isaiah Givens
Barry Hughes
Madeleine Stowe
Margot Weston
Campbell Scott
Frank O'Brien
Maisie Klompus
Surly Teen
Alex Johnson
Nellie 15 Yr
Johanna Braddy
Crying Judge
Kyle Riabko
Levi Gordon
Markie Post
Joanna's Mom
James Alsop
Mike Jimerson
Director #2
Tracey Green
Woman Running Auditions
Sandy Pia
L.A. Girl (uncredited)
John Asher
Jonah 'Dix' Dixon

Featured Comments/Tips

Khaleesiorsomething says...
3 years ago
Super mediocre and not the best story. Really lacking, which was unfortunate because the cast was great! I so wanted to love this show but after finishing the season.. it’s a really incoherent nonsensical story. It’s like a musical version of This is Is, except all the characters are majorly toxic and don’t ever deal with their issues. If you like the concept check out Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, on NBC. It’s just as heart warming, and in one episode featured more growth and character development than the entire season of Soundtrack. :asterisk_symbol::asterisk_symbol:Rating on my scale::asterisk_symbol::asterisk_symbol: Exceptional Memorable Entertaining Corny ==Boring== Unpleasant
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
chickenduy says...
3 years ago
I couldn't get through the first episode. Lip Syncing was the wrong choice. You just don't feel the emotion. Had the actors brought out their version of the song, it would have given each soundtrack much more weight. So, unfortunately, this is a no from me. Edit: After watching Perfect Harmony, having the actors sing the songs themselves instead of Lib Syncing gave the music more character.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
Color_Of_Joy says...
3 years ago
The actors are okay. But unfortunately the writing, the music and the choreography is not convincing. Pity.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
JeanEats says...
3 years ago
Once I forwarded all the musical numbers and just watched the dialogue I got into this one. I couldn't stand the singing and dancing... but just watching the story itself was okay. I randomly got invested in the characters but it could've been better.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

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