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The Bureau

TV Show
Crime, Drama
5 Seasons
50 Episodes
Within the DGSE (General Directorate for External Security), a department called the Office Of Legends (BDL) forms and remote pilot the most important agents of the French intelligence services: Clandestine. Immersion in hostile country, their mission is to identify individuals who may be recruited as sources of information. Operating "under caption", that is to say in a fabricated identity from scratch, they live for many years in a permanent duplicity. Our hero just returned from a clandestine mission six years in Damascus. But contrary to what is required by safety rules, he does not abandon his legend and the identity under which he lived in Syria, thus putting in danger the whole system.
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Latest Episodes

Episode 9
Episode 9
Season 5 Episode 9
May 4th 2020
Episode 10
Episode 10
Season 5 Episode 10
May 4th 2020
Episode 7
Episode 7
Season 5 Episode 7
April 27th 2020
Episode 8
Episode 8
Season 5 Episode 8
April 27th 2020
Episode 5
Episode 5
Season 5 Episode 5
April 20th 2020
Episode 6
Episode 6
Season 5 Episode 6
April 20th 2020
Episode 3
Episode 3
Season 5 Episode 3
April 13th 2020
Episode 4
Episode 4
Season 5 Episode 4
April 13th 2020
Episode 1
Episode 1
Season 5 Episode 1
April 6th 2020
Episode 2
Episode 2
Season 5 Episode 2
April 6th 2020
Mathieu Kassovitz
Guillaume Debailly
Sara Giraudeau
Marina Loiseau
La Drucker
Docteur Balmes
Stefan Crepon
César dit « Pacemaker »
Zineb Triki
Nadia El Mansour
Florence Loiret Caille
Marie-Jeanne Duthilleul
Jonathan Zacca
Raymond Sisteron
Aleksey Gorbunov
Mikhaël Kharlov
Mathieu Amalric
Jean-Jacques, dit « JJA »
Louis Garrel
Andrea Tassone dit « Mille Sabords...
Jules Sagot
Sylvain Ellenstein
Irina Muluile
"La Mule"
Ziad Bakri
Nadim El Bachir
Pauline tienne
Céline Delorme
Jonas Maury
Rachid El Adouani
Prisonnier Camp Rakka
Created By: Eric Rochant

Featured Comments/Tips

tex0l says...
8 years ago
This show is the most realistic picture of an intelligence agency I've ever seen ! The way people talk is subtly polished, in terms of both languages spoken and accents used. The style is very sober, fascinating, impressive and largely differs from Legends, I am hopping up and down with impatience waiting for the next season !
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  1003
thomas.a.roche says...
5 years ago
Season 1 through 3 is a solid spy drama using current events as background story, and that makes it very enjoyable. The 4th season is dragging on with the main character, and to be perfectly honest other character in the show could have been developed a lot more and brough firmly in the foreground. That is not the case and this could easily be called the unbelievable adventure of rogue agent Malotru.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
kalilevel says...
2 years ago
Not in English in French
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
OldMumpsimus says...
3 years ago
Horrific tradecraft; perhaps, inevitable if you don’t have le Carré in your canon.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  003

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