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The Countryside

TV Show
1h 10m
4 Seasons
32 Episodes
A group of urbanites flee the city for different reasons: existential, economic crisis, need for fresh air, search for peace, inspiration to compose ... The intention of these strangers is to settle in an abandoned town and start their lives from scratch, but when they arrive they discover that there are still some neighbors: rural people with a very different way of seeing life.
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Latest Episodes

Episode 1
Episode 1
Season 4 Episode 1
April 14th 2023
Episode 2
Episode 2
Season 4 Episode 2
April 14th 2023
Episode 3
Episode 3
Season 4 Episode 3
April 14th 2023
Episode 4
Episode 4
Season 4 Episode 4
April 14th 2023
Episode 5
Episode 5
Season 4 Episode 5
April 14th 2023
Episode 6
Episode 6
Season 4 Episode 6
April 14th 2023
Episode 7
Episode 7
Season 4 Episode 7
April 14th 2023
Episode 8
Episode 8
Season 4 Episode 8
April 14th 2023
Episode 1
Episode 1
Season 3 Episode 1
December 2nd 2021
Episode 2
Episode 2
Season 3 Episode 2
December 2nd 2021
Carlos Areces
Juanjo Soler
Ruth Daz
Laura Gascón
Mara Hervs
Amaya González
ngel Jodr
Cándido Quintanilla
Javier Losn
Ovejas Frascuas
Blanca Rodrguez
Elisa Jiménez
Santi Milln
Moncho Orellana
Daniel Prez Prada
Nacho Barbero
Ingrid Rubio
Ruth Ortiz
Ana Arias
Cristina García
Ral Pea
Martín Segurola
Jairo Snchez
Gus McDowell
Elena Gallardo
Carla González
Roque Ruiz
Hugo López
Created By: Nando Abad, Nando Abad

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