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The Family

TV Show
1h 0m
1 Season
12 Episodes
Drama, Mystery
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The Family' Poster
This thriller follows the return of a politician’s young son who was presumed dead after disappearing over a decade earlier. As the mysterious young man is welcomed back into his family, suspicions emerge — is he really who he says he is?
The Family Poster

The Family

TV Show
1h 0m
Drama, Mystery
1 Season
12 Episodes
This thriller follows the return of a politician’s young son who was presumed dead after disappearing over a decade earlier. As the mysterious young man is welcomed back into his family, suspicions emerge — is he really who he says he is?
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Latest Episodes

What Took so Long
What Took so Long?
Season 1 Episode 12
May 15th 2016
Election Day
Election Day
Season 1 Episode 11
May 8th 2016
Fun Ways to Tell Boyfriend Youre Pregnant
Fun Ways to Tell Boyfriend You're Pregnant
Season 1 Episode 10
May 1st 2016
Betta Male
Betta Male
Season 1 Episode 9
April 24th 2016
Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane
Season 1 Episode 8
April 17th 2016
All the Livelong Day
All the Livelong Day
Season 1 Episode 7
April 10th 2016
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man
Season 1 Episode 6
April 3rd 2016
I Win
I Win
Season 1 Episode 5
March 27th 2016
Feathers or Steel
Feathers or Steel
Season 1 Episode 4
March 20th 2016
Of Puppies and Monsters
Of Puppies and Monsters
Season 1 Episode 3
March 13th 2016
Joan Allen
Claire Warren
Alison Pill
Willa Warren
Rupert Graves
John Warren
Margot Bingham
Nina Meyer
Liam James
Adam Warren
Andrew McCarthy
Hank Asher
Zach Gilford
Danny Warren
Floriana Lima
Bridey Cruz
Madeleine Arthur
Young Willa Warren
Rarmian Newton
Young Danny Warren
Chase Bolnick
Skateboard Kid
Aidan Fiske
Young Boy
Created By: Jenna Bans

Featured Comments/Tips

julianpankratz says...
7 years ago
One word: phenomenal. ABC currently has two other ongoing series with the same "back and forth" approach between past and present, and you might expect such a recurrence to be tiring or bland, but it's worked and is still working spectacularly for the network. This was one 2016's most anticipated shows for a reason, and it's delivered, going even above and beyond my expectations. Watching each episode has been an Experience, capital E. It's like biting into a layered cake and discovering there's so many more layers than you'd been made to believe. The characterizations and the respective performances by each individual cast member, the nail biting cliffhangers and plot twists that leave you on the edge of your seat itching for more, the painstakingly slow unraveling of this hugely intricate story—I'm hooked. After taking that first figurative bite, I've enjoyed discovering and picking apart which is what layer. Truly, genuinely so pleased with what this show's done and how the creator and writers have gone about it. I'm hoping the very end product will be as fantastic as the journey thus far.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  501
JeanEats says...
8 years ago
I keep trying to get into this each week but I'm bored trying to connect with it.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
Galileo5 says...
8 years ago
Looks solid! Great mystery show. Really like the atmosphere. Reminds me of The Killing. Great to see Zach Gilford in something with substance. Gonna add this to my watch list.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
acidfreecookies says...
7 years ago
Rightfully cancelled. This was terrible. Shoddy soap opera writing throughout. One could see the Shondaland connections even without knowing who the showrunner is. This had potential that was wasted very, very quickly. Mercy kill.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

Featured User Reviews

8/10  7 years ago
I have the feeling this show gets a bit too much hate for no reason.
Admittedly, at times it might be a bit predictable but never revealing the whole thing.
Quite the contrary, as it goes on, it opens up new ways to explore the established circumstances.

This show was from the get go a bit like More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100

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