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The Genius Princes Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt Poster

The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt

TV Show
Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Anime
1 Season
12 Episodes
Prince Wein is ready to commit treason. And who can blame him? Faced with the impossible task of ruling his pathetic little kingdom, this poor guy just can't catch a break! But with his brilliant idea of auctioning off his country, this lazy prince should be able to retire once and for all. Or that was the plan...until his treasonous schemes lead to disastrous consequences-namely, accidental victories and the favor of his people!
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Latest Episodes

A Really Motivated Seller
A Really Motivated Seller
Season 1 Episode 12
March 29th 2022
By Hook or Crook
By Hook or Crook
Season 1 Episode 11
March 22nd 2022
A Bubble Economy Inflates an Ego
A Bubble Economy Inflates an Ego
Season 1 Episode 10
March 15th 2022
The Little Princess Who Could
The Little Princess Who Could
Season 1 Episode 9
March 8th 2022
Ill Give It a Shot
I'll Give It a Shot
Season 1 Episode 8
March 1st 2022
Yesterdays Enemy Is Todays
Yesterday's Enemy Is Today's…
Season 1 Episode 7
February 22nd 2022
Holy Intrigue
Holy Intrigue!
Season 1 Episode 6
February 15th 2022
Hey How About Covering the Crime
Hey, How About Covering the Crime
Season 1 Episode 5
February 8th 2022
Two Intellect
Two Intellect
Season 1 Episode 4
February 1st 2022
A Marriage as a Pretext
A Marriage as a Pretext
Season 1 Episode 3
January 25th 2022
Soma Saito
Wein Salema Arbalest (voice)
Rie Takahashi
Ninym Ralei (voice)
Sayaka Senbongi
Falanya Elk Arbalest (voice)
Nao Toyama
Lowellmina Earthwold (voice)
Yoko Hikasa
Fisch Brandel (voice)
Yuki Sakakihara
Nanaki Ralei (voice)
Yuki Nakashima
Zeno (voice)
Takayuki Sugo
Hagar (voice)
Daiki Hamano
Larkurum (voice)
Akio Otsuka
Gruyere Solgest (voice)
Mamiko Noto
Caldmellia (voice)
Ryuichi Kijima
Demetrio Earthwold (voice)
Kenichirou Matsuda
Bardloche Earthwold (voice)
Kengo Kawanishi
Manfred Earthwold (voice)
Ryo Sugisaki
Karlmann (voice)
Kouki Iwase
Patess (voice)
Tetsu Inada
Urgio (voice)
Kouichi Souma
Natra military officer (voice)
Sousuke Shimokawa
Natra soldier (voice)
Itaru Yamamoto
Fuschtarre (voice)
Junichi Yanagita
Drawood (voice)
Takumu Miyazono
Logan (voice)
Yusuke Tomioka
Messenger (voice)
Ryota Suzuki
Glen (voice)
Aoi Ichikawa
Strang (voice)

Featured Comments/Tips

Supriyo8799 says...
2 years ago
A good show that potrays how to handle political matters realistically instead of making the protagonist an omnipotent. Plot did left the details about the characters almost to the point that the show was speedrunning to only show the important bits. Animation was average as I felt like the character's eyes were a little too ...stiff(?). Overall I'd say that this anime is highly underrated.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  300
neilquan says...
2 years ago
I like it but it's so similar to "How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom" that there is so little to differentiate them.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

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