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The Great

TV Show
2 Seasons
20 Episodes
Drama, Comedy
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The Great Poster
A genre-bending, anti-historical ride through 18th century Russia following the rise of Catherine the Nothing to Catherine the Great and her explosive relationship with husband Peter, the emperor of Russia.
The Great Poster

The Great

TV Show
Drama, Comedy
2 Seasons
20 Episodes
A genre-bending, anti-historical ride through 18th century Russia following the rise of Catherine the Nothing to Catherine the Great and her explosive relationship with husband Peter, the emperor of Russia.
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Elle Fanning
Phoebe Fox
Adam Godley
Douglas Hodge
Belinda Bromilow
Aunt Elizabeth
Gwilym Lee
Danusia Samal
Lady Antonia Svenska
Jamie Demetriou
Doctor Chekhov
Christophe Tek
Tartar Nick
Alistair Green
Count Smolny
Blake Harrison
Colonel Svenska
Asheq Akhtar
Chef Louis
Ezra Khan
Bishop Leontius
Richard Pyros
Count Raskolnikov
Created By: Tony McNamara

Featured Comments/Tips

flarg says...
2 years ago
"This is seriously the best thing I've watched in a long time. Sometimes gruesome. Always amazing. It kind of reminded me of "The Princess Bride" meets "The Royals". I binged it and want a LOT more."
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   6 0 2
onlime says...
2 years ago
"Somehow it's sad that the story of this show has only occasionally any resemblence to historical events. For example Czar Peter wasn't a dimwit at all, they were married for 20 years (they hated each other though) and he was only king for six months until he was toppled and died "under mysterious circumstances". The real life of Catherine the Great was fascinating enough to make a compelling TV show. Why would you chose to turn it into an overly ridiculous fantasy story?"
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   5 0 1
LorumIpsomLydia says...
2 years ago
"An utterly delightful and absurd romp through "an occasionally true" story of Catherine The Great's rise to power. A powerhouse cast, great visual design and acerbic comedic writing all pull together for an entertaining ride that's short enough to not be tiresome."
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   5 0 0
Cocalarix says...
2 years ago
"It is insane this show is not more popular. This was a FUCKING TREAT to watch. Holy shit, what a great job everyone did on this."
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   4 0 0

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