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The North Water Poster

The North Water

TV Show
Drama, Mystery
1 Season
5 Episodes
Henry Drax is a harpooner and brutish killer whose amorality has been shaped to fit the harshness of his world, who will set sail on a whaling expedition to the Arctic with Patrick Sumner, a disgraced ex-army surgeon who signs up as the ship’s doctor. Hoping to escape the horrors of his past, Sumner finds himself on an ill-fated journey with a murderous psychopath. In search of redemption, his story becomes a harsh struggle for survival in the Arctic wasteland.
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To Live Is to Suffer
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August 11th 2021
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August 4th 2021
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July 28th 2021
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July 14th 2021
Created By: Andrew Haigh

Featured Comments/Tips

amasulem says...
2 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
I thought it would show more everyday life and techniques on a whaling ship. [spoiler] You can see them chasing and killing a whale, and hauling it to the side, where they break it up, and the big boiling of fat to render into oil. [/spoiler] The drama of the story was well acted, and life at the frozen north was interesting, but more could have been shown of the Inuit life. Probably not there in the book, I wouldn't know. The ending was tense, but the postscript scene was a little light in substance - I wanted to have a deeper resolution for the character. What I did like about was the examination of religious expression, the enlightened view of the protagonist on native life, and the c19th psychology of deviancy, compared to how we would categorise it today. 7/10 Coming to BBC on the 10th September.
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elliottsl says...
2 years ago
Slow paced, not the best adaptation but you can shot this show just because of the photography
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
pedrobarragan237 says...
2 years ago
A solid miniseries from Andrew Haigh, the guy gets into some really dark territory, it's almost difficult to watch even though the violence is limited in his films (though here there is a lot of slit throats). Colin Farrell does a neat English Daniel Plainview voice and Jack O'Connell has some amazing moments here (the guy should do some horror films, and this could be argued as something in that genre). Anyways, solid.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
miguelreina says...
2 years ago
Although it seems to follow a certain path, it's a process of extraordinary dehumanization. The first episodes reflect the toxic masculinity of a whaling ship, violence of coexistence, but the hostility comes from nature itself, which is permeated by the traumatic past of the protagonist. Patrick Somner, a complex and profound character, begins the hunt for a monster that is actually a reflection of himself.
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Featured User Reviews

2 years ago
I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this and was instantly drawn into the world. For a few days after watching it, I kept thinking of that terrible boat and how paranoid and claustrophobic it was.

Colin Farrell is great. Unrecognizable as an animalistic brute terrorizing first the street More
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