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User Reviews for: The Rig

/10  2 months ago
The Rig takes a tough mans environment and turns it into a woke playground, with an sprinkling of drippy types that are instantly out of place and would fit better into a downtown Starbucks, than this unforgiving environment.

To add to the sense of implausible asinine tedium, the story is bland, unoriginal and slow. Nothing new on offer here.

Perhaps its time to turn off the nonsense and accept some things for what they are, rather than trying to astro turf the truth. Rigs are overwhelmingly a mans world, just as midwifery is dominated by women.

That said, even if this had been played more sensibly, it would not have changed the fact there's nothing new on offer here. Its a shame too, as there are some decent actors in this series.

In summary, woke fairy tale twaddle backed by a story that in one form or other, has been done before and in this viewers opinion, done better, at that.
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