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The Snoopy Show

The Snoopy Show (2021)

Full Cast & Crew

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PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes

Alex Galatis

Charles M. Schulz

Mark Evestaff

Jeff Morrow
CrewSoundOriginal Music Composer13

Rob Boutilier
CrewDirectingSeries Director, Creator13

David Berni
CastActorBird Bud 3 (voice)

Julie Lemieux
CastActressBird Bud 2 (voice)

Rob Tinkler
CastActorWoodstock (voice)13

Seán Cullen
CastBird Bud 1 (voice)

Terry McGurrin
CastActorSnoopy (voice)13

Ethan Pugiotto
CastActorCharlie Brown (voice)13

Hattie Kragten
CastActressSally (voice)13

Wyatt White
CastActorLinus (voice)19

Isabella Leo
CastLucy (voice)13

Isis Moore
CastPeppermint Patty (voice)13

Holly Gorski
CastActressMarcie (voice)13

Christian Dal Dosso
CastFranklin (voice)13

Milo Toriel-McGibbon
CastRerun (voice)13
PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes
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