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User Reviews for: The Winchesters

/10  2 years ago
The Wokechesters.

In this pre-sequal to the original series Supernatural, Sam and Deans bad ass dad is reduced to goofy side kick, pushed aside by his future wife, an "empowered" female hunter. Yes, in spite of his return from a war zone, no less, he's condescendingly referred to as "soldier boy (not man)", who needs to be protected from the mean old supernatural monsters, by a woman half his size, who looks about 23....

If this all sounds like an asinine woke feminist fantasy, that's because, to my mind at least, it is. To make matters worse, because the characters are portrayed as not being of an equal status, the chemistry between them is bad. There's a distancing that doesn't play well to the notion of them coming together as hunters, let alone husband and wife.

So once again, an attempt to cash in on a much superior franchise, whilst peddling sexist woke horse leavings, no one in their right mind could or would, take seriously. I'll pass.
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