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This Is Us

This Is Us (2016)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Adam Sawelson
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer6

Anne Fletcher
Crew Directing Director4

Bernard Telsey
Crew Production Casting87

Beth Wooke
Crew Art Set Decoration17

Bjorn T. Myrholt
Crew Editing Editor13

Brian Harman
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer17

Catherine Hardwicke
Crew Directing Director1

Cathy Mickel Gibson
Crew Production Producer, Co-Producer, Unit Production Manager69

Chris Koch
Crew Directing Director7

Cindy Coburn
Crew Art Set Decoration18

Craig Zisk
Crew Directing Director1

D. Scott Guthrie
Crew Crew Transportation Coordinator1

Dan Bishop
Crew Art Production Design1

Daniel Hank
Crew Production Unit Production Manager1

David L. Bertman
Crew Editing Editor1

Dean Okrand
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer17

Dianna Freas
Crew Art Set Decoration1

Don Bixby
Crew Lighting Chief Lighting Technician36

Don Roos
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer, Writer18

Donald Todd
Crew Writing Writer, Executive Producer2

Duffy Taylor
Crew Production Location Manager27

Elan Mastai
Crew Writing Writer2

Elizabeth Berger
Crew Production Executive Producer, Writer, Co-Executive Producer69

Fernando Altschul
Crew Directing First Assistant Director4

Gary Frutkoff
Crew Art Production Design87

George Tillman, Jr.
Crew Directing Director3

Glenn Ficarra
Crew Production Executive Producer, Director87

Glenn Steelman
Crew Directing First Assistant Director14

Hala Bahmet
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design36

Helen Hunt
Crew Directing Director1

James Takata
Crew Camera Camera Operator, Director of Photography36

Jennifer Pyken
Crew Sound Music Supervisor36

Jessica Yu
Crew Directing Director2

Joanna Kerns
Crew Directing Director1

John Fortenberry
Crew Directing Director1

John Requa
Crew Production Executive Producer, Director87

Jon Huertas
Crew Directing Director1

K.J. Steinberg
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer, Writer87

Kathleen Mulligan
Crew Directing Script Supervisor17

Ken Olin
Crew Production Executive Producer, Director87

Kevin Falls
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer, Writer15

Kevin Hooks
Crew Directing Director2

Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Crew Directing Director1

Lisle Engle
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer1

Lucyna Wojciechowski
Crew Editing Assistant Editor1

Michael Reitz
Crew Costume & Make-Up Hair Department Head36

Miles Perlman
Crew Directing Second Assistant Director1

Milo Ventimiglia
Crew Directing Director2

Monica Ochoa
Crew Directing Script Supervisor18

R. Scott Poole
Crew Production Location Manager1

Randal S. Thomas
Crew Sound Supervising Sound Editor36

Regina King
Crew Directing Director1

Roxann Dawson
Crew Directing Director1

Sarah Boyd
Crew Directing Director2

Sarah Pia Anderson
Crew Directing Director1

Scott Cohn
Crew Production Production Accountant18

Sheila Waldron
Crew Directing Script Supervisor1

Sherry Klein
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer1

Silas Howard
Crew Directing Director1

Stephen E. Hagen
Crew Directing First Assistant Director1

Steve Beers
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer87

Timothy Busfield
Crew Directing Director1

Tyler Bensinger
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer, Writer18

Uta Briesewitz
Crew Directing Director2

Wendey Stanzler
Crew Directing Director1

Zetna Fuentes
Crew Directing Director1

Zoe Hay
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Department Head36

Andrew Grant
Crew Art Property Master36

Beau Chaput
Crew Camera Camera Operator13

Brett Pawlak
Crew Camera Director of Photography1

Casey Johnson
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer, Writer33

Charlie Gogolak
Crew Production Executive Producer87

Dan Fogelman
Crew Production Executive Producer, Creator, Writer87

David Windsor
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer, Writer33

Dieter Ismagil
Crew Production Co-Producer, Post Production Supervisor1

Johnny L. Recher
Crew Directing Second Assistant Director1

Justin Hartley
Crew Directing Director1

Keith Jones
Crew Directing Second Assistant Director, First Assistant Director30

Nick Pavonetti
Crew Production Producer, Co-Producer, Post Production Supervisor69

Tiffany Little Canfield
Crew Production Casting87

Yasu Tanida
Crew Camera Director of Photography, Director44

Aurin Squire
Crew Writing Writer, Story Editor1

Chris Arata
Crew Camera Camera Operator2

James Goldman
Crew Camera Camera Operator9

Jess Rosenthal
Crew Production Executive Producer87

Joe Lawson
Crew Writing Writer, Co-Executive Producer2

Paul V. Perkins
Crew Camera Key Grip34

Christopher M. Foster
Crew Sound Music Editor36

Isaac Aptaker
Crew Production Executive Producer, Writer, Co-Executive Producer69

Coy Aune
Crew Camera Camera Operator6

Vera Herbert
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer, Writer, Producer, Supervising Producer33

Bekah Brunstetter
Crew Writing Writer, Producer6

Kay Oyegun
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer, Writer, Story Editor, Director15

Laura Kenar
Crew Writing Writer, Staff Writer4

Rebecca Asher
Crew Directing Director2

Josh Einsohn
Crew Production Casting87

Sissy Grover
Crew Production Production Coordinator36

Scott Rorie
Crew Directing Second Assistant Director1

Jennifer Yoo
Crew Production Casting Associate1

Jerry Franck
Crew Camera Camera Operator1

Jake Schnesel
Crew Writing Writer1

Hal Lary
Crew Crew Transportation Coordinator36

Michael Krikorian
Crew Sound Production Sound Mixer36

Trevor Crist
Crew Lighting Chief Lighting Technician1

Christiana Hooks
Crew Production Co-Producer15

Craig Nisker
Crew Editing Assistant Editor2

Joe DeAngelis
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer12

Miguel Pask
Crew Camera Camera Operator13

Siddhartha Khosla
Crew Sound Original Music Composer87

Danielle Bauman
Crew Writing Writer2

Howard Leder
Crew Editing Editor9

Erin Nicole Wyatt
Crew Editing Assistant Editor, Editor6

Kevin Ivey
Crew Production Production Coordinator1

Brian O'Kelley
Crew Directing Second Assistant Director2

Lai-San Ho
Crew Editing Assistant Editor, Editor2

Romina Rey
Crew Editing Editor2

Robert Exner
Crew Camera Key Grip1

Martin Lane
Crew Production Location Manager1

John Milo Train
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer18

Brandi Bradburn
Crew Editing Editor5

Matt Pexa
Crew Directing Second Assistant Director1

Jonny Gomez
Crew Writing Writer2

Aaron D. Spears
Cast Actor Ray1

Adam Johnson
Cast Actor Park Ranger1

Ajay Mehta
Cast Rohan Gupta1

Alan Thicke
Cast Actor Himself1

Andy Forrest
Cast Actor New Owner1

Angela Elayne Gibbs
Cast Actress Older Laurel DuBois1

Anthony Marciona
Cast Actor Pench1

Auden Thornton
Cast Actress Lucy Damon1

Brian Grazer
Cast Actor Himself1

Bryan Coffee
Cast Hotel Café Manager1

Carlease Burke
Cast Actress Bernice1

Caryn West
Cast Actress Dr. Lee1

Clint Jordan
Cast Kevin's Coach1

Craig Stepp
Cast Actor Pat1

Dan Lauria
Cast Actor Alan Damon2

Dana Lyn Baron
Cast Woman With Clipboard1

Debra Jo Rupp
Cast Actress Linda4

Debra Mooney
Cast Actress Mrs. Peabody1

Delroy Lindo
Cast Actor Judge Ernest Bradley1

Denis O'Hare
Cast Actor Jessie3

Eddie Driscoll
Cast Security Guard1

Elise Robertson
Cast Actress Coordinator1

Erica Shaffer
Cast Actress Mother1

Erik Audé
Cast Actor Thug #11

Eve Sigall
Cast Actress Terry1

Felice Heather Monteith
Cast Actress Woman Cousin1

Fitz Houston
Cast Actor Teddy1

Floyd Van Buskirk
Cast Actor Jack's Boss1

Garrett Morris
Cast Actor Lloyd2

Greg Christopher Smith
Cast Actor Coach1

Gregory Thompson
Cast Actor Principal Griffith1

Griffin Dunne
Cast Actor Nicky Pearson29

Harrison White
Cast Man1

Herbert Russell
Cast Fan #21

James Read
Cast Actor Duffy Collins1

Jason Butler Harner
Cast Actor AA Speaker1

Jean St. James
Cast Actress Miss Palm1

Jennifer Morrison
Cast Actress Cassidy Sharp9

Jeremiah Birkett
Cast Actor Brett1

Jeris Poindexter
Cast Actor Mr. Baldwin1

Jill Remez
Cast Actress Ms. Gathier1

Jimmi Simpson
Cast Actor Andy Fannan1

Joanna Sanchez
Cast Actress Renata1

Joanne Baron
Cast Actress Gina1

John Deignan
Cast Bartender1

John Lee Ames
Cast Actor City Clerk1

John Pollono
Cast Actor Tyler5

Jon Huertas
Cast Actor Miguel Rivas93

Josh Hamilton
Cast Actor Dr. Mason1

Judy Kain
Cast Actress Barbara1

Kamala Lopez
Cast Actress Markie1

Kate Blumberg
Cast Actress Female Flight Passenger1

Katey Sagal
Cast Actress Lanie Schultz1

Katie Couric
Cast Actress Herself1

Kellita Smith
Cast Actress Elizabeth DuBois1

Ken Colquitt
Cast Actor Officer1

Ken Lerner
Cast Actor Brandon Novak1

Kenny Stevenson
Cast Actor Ted1

Kiff VandenHeuvel
Cast Actor Dave Malone2

Kristin Minter
Cast Actress Ms. Dobson1

Larry Anderson
Cast Doctor1

Laura Leyva
Cast Actress K&T Justice of the Peace1

Leslie Simms
Cast Rose1

Lidia Porto
Cast Actress Gloria2

LisaGay Hamilton
Cast Actress Aunt Mae1

Mandy Moore
Cast Actress Rebecca Pearson93

Mario López
Cast Actor Himself1

Mark Atteberry
Cast Brad1

Mark Cohen
Cast Actor Warm Up Guy2

Marla Gibbs
Cast Actress Woman At The Diner1

Marty Ryan
Cast Actor Mr. Miller1

Maximiliano Hernández
Cast Actor Mr. Castillo1

Michael Albala
Cast Actor Dr. Schneider1

Michael Hagiwara
Cast Actor Dr. Takebe2

Michael O'Neill
Cast Actor Arlo1

Milo Ventimiglia
Cast Actor Jack Pearson93

Molly Hagan
Cast Actress Grace1

Nancy Linari
Cast Actress Mrs. Sandburg1

Nefetari Spencer
Cast Actress Nurse1

Omar Epps
Cast Actor Darnell Hodges2

Pam Grier
Cast Actress Grandma2

Pamela Adlon
Cast Actress Dr. Leigh3

Peter James Smith
Cast Actor Dr. Hugh Lang1

Peter Onorati
Cast Actor Stanley Pearson8

Phylicia Rashād
Cast Actress Carol Clarke3

Ric Sarabia
Cast Actor Pilgrim Rick1

Richard Tanner
Cast Actor Director John1

Ron Cephas Jones
Cast Actor William Hill38

Ron Howard
Cast Actor Himself (uncredited)4

Ronobir Lahiri
Cast Garuda Singh1

Rosalind Chao
Cast Actress Anna1

Ruth Williamson
Cast Actress Ellen1

Sam Trammell
Cast Actor Ben4

Scott Michael Campbell
Cast Actor 1

Seth Meyers
Cast Actor Himself (uncredited)1

Sewell Whitney
Cast Actor Vow Renewal Justice of the Peace1

Sharon Omi
Cast Actress Doctor1

Shaun Duke
Cast Actor Ray1

Sonia Jackson
Cast Actress Female Doctor1

Sonya Leslie
Cast Actress Doctor1

Susan Blakely
Cast Actress Anne2

Tom Virtue
Cast Actor Dr. Grader2

Victoria Garcia-Kelleher
Cast Actress Nurse #21

Wendy Schenker
Cast Actress Woman1

Yolanda Snowball
Cast Actress Principal1

Yvette Tucker
Cast Actress Dr. Gibson1

Alden Ray
Cast Actor Stu2

Amie Farrell
Cast Actress Jogger Julia1

Andrew Tinpo Lee
Cast Actor Dr. Lee1

Brandon Ford Green
Cast Actor Waiter1

Brandon Scott
Cast Actor Corey Lawrence3

Chris Geere
Cast Actor Philip2

Chrissy Metz
Cast Actress Kate Pearson93

Christian Pedersen
Cast Michael1

Connie Jackson
Cast Waitress1

Darren Richardson
Cast Actor Alex1

Frank Bond
Cast Actor Martin1

Janora McDuffie
Cast Actress Margaret (Librarian)1

Jason Rogel
Cast Actor Karl1

Jeremy Luke
Cast Actor Darryl Magee1

Jinny Chung
Cast Assistant1

Justin Hartley
Cast Actor Kevin Pearson93

Keith Powell
Cast Actor Dr. Vance2

Mark Proksch
Cast Actor Mel Buchanan1

Marsha Stephanie Blake
Cast Actress Kelly Hodges2

Megan West
Cast Actress Heather3

Mike Bradecich
Cast Actor Peter Katowski1

Milana Vayntrub
Cast Actress Sloane Sandburg8

Omar Adam
Cast Funeral Employee1

Reggie Watkins
Cast Actor Shooter3

Reynaldo Gallegos
Cast Actor Alonso1

Richard Gleason
Cast Actor Nervous Player1

Rob Morgan
Cast Actor Councilman Sol Brown5

Ryan Michelle Bathe
Cast Actress Yvette3

Sterling K. Brown
Cast Actor Randall Pearson93

Susan Kelechi Watson
Cast Actress Beth Pearson93

Talia Toms
Cast ICU Nurse1

Tarina Pouncy
Cast Actress William's Lover1

Tom Parker
Cast Actor Ted Simons1

Travis Guba
Cast Actor Stu1

Vince Cefalu
Cast Actor Store Manager1

Abhi Sinha
Cast Actor Nasir Ahmed1

Amanda Warren
Cast Actress Dorothy Hill1

Bechir Sylvain
Cast Actor Jase1

Caitlin Thompson
Cast Actress Madison Simons24

Candace Hammer
Cast Actress Teacher1

Chris Sullivan
Cast Actor Toby Damon93

Christian Ojore Mayfield
Cast Actor Cab Driver1

Devon Ogden
Cast Actress Leah1

Eli Bildner
Cast Actor AD1

Jon Paul Burkhart
Cast Actor Public Defender1

Joy Brunson
Cast Actress Shauna6

Julia Cho
Cast Actress Jill4

Kevin Covais
Cast Actor Ice Cream Employee1

Krys Marshall
Cast Stacy1

Lena Waithe
Cast Actress Animal Shelter Clerk1

Niles Fitch
Cast Actor 14-19 Year Old Randall73

Patrice Harris
Cast Actress Passerby1

Sean Bolger
Cast Actor Waiter1

Virginia Kull
Cast Actress Samantha1

Alena Savostikova
Cast Actress Model #11

Alex Marshall-Brown
Cast Actress Jess1

Becki Dennis
Cast Nurse1

Carter Sand
Cast Actor Stewart1

Charley Koontz
Cast Actor Zeke1

Christine Rodriguez
Cast Actress Janine1

Colt Prattes
Cast Actor Joe1

Eric Satterberg
Cast Actor Paul1

Isabel Durant
Cast Actress Kelly1

Katie Sarife
Cast Actress Esther Ahmed1

Peter Bonilla
Cast Actor Writer1

Rachel Hilson
Cast Actress Teen Beth6

Stephen A. Chang
Cast Actor Man1

Tisha French
Cast Actress Neighbor1

Yimmy Yim
Cast Marsha2

A.J. Rivera
Cast Actor Donny Watson1

Anthony Hill
Cast Actor Marshall Winston1

Da'Vine Joy Randolph
Cast Actress Tanya3

Dan Considine
Cast Actor Gas Station Employee1

Hannah Zeile
Cast Actress 14-19 Year Old Kate74

Melanie Liburd
Cast Actress Zoe Baker21

Samuel Davis
Cast Actor Joel1

Alejandro Barrios
Cast Actor Slate Guy1

Brian Patrick Butler
Cast Actor Steelers Staff1

Logan Shroyer
Cast Actor 14-19 Year Old Kevin73

Toni Christopher
Cast Mandy1

Faithe Herman
Cast Actress Annie Pearson82

Lonnie Chavis
Cast Actor 8-13 Year Old Randall80

Lyric Ross
Cast Actress Deja60

Parker Bates
Cast Actor 8-13 Year Old Kevin79

Eris Baker
Cast Actress Tess Pearson82

Mackenzie Hancsicsak
Cast Actress 8-13 Year Old Kate79

Brian Oblak
Cast Actor Firefighter Joe2

Adam Bartley
Cast Actor Duke3

A.B. Cassidy
Cast Actress Manny PA1

Ashli Haynes
Cast Actress Cocktail Waitress1

Karen Huie
Cast Actress Nurse Jenna1

Nick George
Cast Actor Asher1

Duncan Bravo
Cast Actor Dr. Singh1

Nick Smoke
Cast Actor Brady1

Carlos E. Campos
Cast Actor Pharmacist1

Lisa Linke
Cast Actress Fan #11

Stewart Skelton
Cast Actor Father Williams1

Josh Tessier
Cast Actor Bouncer1

Brandon Victor Dixon
Cast Actor Kent (Weather Man)1

Dar Dixon
Cast Actor Buchanan1

Phillip Daniel
Cast Barista1

Akira Akbar
Cast Actress Young Beth1

Ren Hanami
Cast Actress Dr. Salzman1

Alexandra Wright
Cast Actress Madison's Mother1

Glory Rose
Cast Actress Sadie Mason1

Darren Barnet
Cast Actor Young Jack1

Jesse Mackey
Cast Lyft Driver1

Marita de Lara
Cast Actress Dr. Gaby1

Ayinde Howell
Cast Actor Woodrow1

Asante Blackk
Cast Actor Malik Hodges22

Randi Cee
Cast Actress Lynn1

Sasha Matthews
Cast Maya1

Blake Stadnik
Cast Jack Damon4

Presley Alexander
Cast Alex2

Danielle Pinnock
Cast Ruth1

Uyoata Udi
Cast Ervin1

Chris Pipkin
Cast Actor Keith1

Melody Butiu
Cast Barbara1

Anthony Turpel
Cast Actor Steph1

Highdee Kuan
Cast Actress Sasha1

Dion Gaeta
Cast Highway Patrolman1

Michael Woodley
Cast Actor Paul1

Minerva García
Cast Actress Nurse Joan1

Lucius Baybak
Cast Actor Marc McKeon1

Heather R. Dowling
Cast Nurse1

Ca'Ron Jaden Coleman
Cast Actor Randall (5 y/o)4

Isabella Rose Landau
Cast Actress Kate (5 y/o)4

Kaz Womack
Cast Actor Kevin (5 y/o)4

Ricky Staffieri
Cast Actor Cashier1

David Horton
Cast Actor Mourner1
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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