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Training Day Poster

Training Day

TV Show
1h 0m
Crime, Drama
1 Season
13 Episodes
Fifteen years after the events of the feature film, Kyle Craig is assigned to go undercover in an elite squad of the LAPD as Detective Frank Rourke’s trainee to spy on him and report on his off-book methods. As Frank starts teaching his principled trainee the way of the streets, they form an uneasy alliance that will change the course of both their lives irrevocably.
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Latest Episodes

Elegy 2
Elegy (2)
Season 1 Episode 13
May 20th 2017
Elegy 1
Elegy (1)
Season 1 Episode 12
May 13th 2017
Tunnel Vision
Tunnel Vision
Season 1 Episode 11
May 6th 2017
Season 1 Episode 10
April 29th 2017
Bad Day at Aqua Mesa
Bad Day at Aqua Mesa
Season 1 Episode 9
April 22nd 2017
Blurred Lines
Blurred Lines
Season 1 Episode 8
April 15th 2017
Quid Pro Quo
Quid Pro Quo
Season 1 Episode 7
April 8th 2017
Season 1 Episode 6
March 9th 2017
Wages of Sin
Wages of Sin
Season 1 Episode 5
March 2nd 2017
Code of Honor
Code of Honor
Season 1 Episode 4
February 23rd 2017
Bill Paxton
Frank Rourke
Justin Cornwell
Kyle Craig
Katrina Law
Rebecca Lee
Drew Van Acker
Tommy Campbell
Sarah Blades
Haley Burns
Reid Miller
Young Luke
Davida Williams
Kelly Price
Michael Cimino
Young Sadiq
Lindsey McKeon
Jen Mitchell
Bar Paly
Fred Stoverink
Lt. Allenford
Ceyair J Wright
14 Yr OId Kyle
Julie Benz
Holly Butler
Lex Scott Davis
Alyse Craig
Lela Rochon
Mrs. Craig
Christopher Cousins
Ken Patterson
Bernard White
Ari Javeed
Created By: Will Beall

Featured Comments/Tips

Jim222001 says...
6 years ago
Sucks that Bill Paxton died. He made this unnecessary show better than it had a right to be. He owned his character and made Training Day watchable. I just hope they don't try to replace him. No Paxton, no show. He's why I even watched.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  500
Artyklein says...
6 years ago
Enjoy this first season, i imagine that this is going to end because the main actor died today 26/02/17. So sad, i will finish the series in his honour. Sayonara Bill Paxton. https://twitter.com/IMDb/status/835883741495115776/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
arthurpcb says...
6 years ago
This shit is a disrespect to the awarded Training Day Movie and its cast, everytime i see the main character (Kyle Craig) i wanna punch that little bitch, his is aways scruing things up just because "he's a good boy!". This soft, snow flake, peace of shit would never last one single day with Alonzo! Just one more stereotypical soft bullshit show in tv. Daaaam how i miss The Shield, Southland, The Wire, True Detective, Justified! Don't lose your time with that crap, unless u like garbage. Do yourself a favor and watch Bosch over this shit.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
MarleyT says...
6 years ago
This show isn't bad at alln if your in to law and order or blindspot then this isn't it lol. But seriously it's a good show. RIP bill.
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Featured User Reviews

5/10  6 years ago
RIP, Bill Paxton. & w/ that being said, I must post this review. Make no mistake, Paxton's pretty much the sole reason to watch this TV version of the Denzel Washington movie, which I've seen & enjoyed; Denzel earned his Academy Award even though my parents protest Russell Crowe of & More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
4 months ago
First off, it was doomed to failure from the start. Training Day wasn't a good movie, it didn't have a good plot, it didn't have a good story. What it had was Denzel Washington giving one of the best performances in recent memory. He did an epic job, and it's that work that made people like the m More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
6 years ago
Well, another trakt.tv statistics “smorgasm”, if you check the stats for season 1 episodes you will see how trakt stats are becoming garbage and with them most of it not all of its rankings and charts. H
ow likely do you think is for any tv show to suffer extreme volatility in views between bac More
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