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User Reviews for: Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia

Nancy L Draper
7/10  5 years ago
I am unqualified to speak about this genre which seems to be somewhere between Child and Young Adult Fantasy, but I can give you my perspective. The draw for me was Guillermo del Toro's storytelling skills. I am just discovering his work and find him to be a master storyteller and will continue to follow his projects across genres. The animation for this is beautiful. The voice talent is good, pulling in some pretty big names. As an adult the story telling sometimes gets bogged down in the silly, but I think if I were a child the humour and the silly characters may be appealing. As a Star Trek fan I think it is sad that this was Anton Yelchin final project (he played Chekov in the 2009 reboot) before he died tragically in a freak accident when his car slipped its hand break in his driveway, suffocating him, as he was pinned to the wall. If this series continues to a third season, as it seems to be set up to do, they will find it hard to replace him - he perfectly inhabited Jim Lake, Jr. I binged this series and give it a 7 (entertaining) out of 10. For a young audience it may be an 8 or an 8.5 out of 10. [Children, Action, Adventure, Animated Fantasy].
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