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Limited Series
1 Season
4 Episodes
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Unorthodox' Poster
A Hasidic Jewish woman in Brooklyn flees to Berlin from an arranged marriage and is taken in by a group of musicians -- until her past comes calling.
Unorthodox Poster


Limited Series
1 Season
4 Episodes
A Hasidic Jewish woman in Brooklyn flees to Berlin from an arranged marriage and is taken in by a group of musicians -- until her past comes calling.
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Latest Episodes

Part 1
Part 1
Season 1 Episode 1
March 26th 2020
Part 2
Part 2
Season 1 Episode 2
March 26th 2020
Part 3
Part 3
Season 1 Episode 3
March 26th 2020
Part 4
Part 4
Season 1 Episode 4
March 26th 2020
Shira Haas
Esther Shapiro
Amit Rahav
Yakov Shapiro
Jeff Wilbusch
Moische Lefkovitch
Alex Reid
Leah Mandelbaum Schwartz
Delia Mayer
Miriam Shapiro
Ronit Asheri
Malka Schwarz
Gera Sandler
Mordecai Schwartz
Tamar AmitJoseph
Yael Roubeni

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NOORHAAN says...
2 years ago
A very good series:100:, but the ending is unsatisfactory:broken_heart:.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  601
maxbelmont says...
2 years ago
really, really good series. gripping, visually stimulating and superb cast. especially shira haas, she is amazing as esty. i didn't know what to expect going into this show, but it really sucked me in. i keep thinking about it, the characters really stuck with me. especially since it's based on a true story.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  500
Pongpeng says...
2 years ago
Gets a lot more conventional once this establishes itself firmly in Berlin, although Shira Haas is such a natural, powerful presence that following familiar story beats through her eyes is still fairly involving, and this is the rare narrative where its extended flashback structure of gratifyingly little-hand-holding, specific community details actually adds much breadth to a story. The tense first episode also shows off director Maria Schrader's sturdy chops of sustaining an atmosphere of paranoid dread right off the bat for so long, without having to establish much context, that I'm kind of interested to see her take on a thriller.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
comrade_mode says...
2 years ago
This happens when our choices are suppressed by faith.Wonderful idea but poorly executed.I could not feel the intensity and emotions of the lead character
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100

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