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We Bare Bears

We Bare Bears (2015)

Full Cast & Crew

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PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes

Daniel Chong

Avery Kidd Waddell
CastActorDr. Clark / Additional Voices (voice)1

Fernando Chien
CastActorAdditional Voices (voice)1

Jeff Bergman
CastActorNarrator (voice)1

Lou Ferrigno
CastActorPaul (voice)1

Steve Blum
CastActorAdditional Voices (voice)1

Tammy Townsend
CastActressAdditional Voices (voice)1

Taran Killam
CastActorCharles Willoughby-Wentworth (voice)1

Victor Brandt
CastActorAdditional Voices (voice)1

Bobby Moynihan
CastActorPanda (voice)138

Demetri Martin
CastActorIce Bear (voice)138

Eric Edelstein
CastActorGrizzly (voice)138

Keith Ferguson
CastActorAnnouncer / Additional Voices (voice)1

Yuki Matsuzaki
CastActorKenji Watanabe / Additional Voices (voice)1

Alex Hirsch
CastActorInternet Troll (voice)1

Charlyne Yi
CastChloe (voice)18

Ellie Kemper
CastActressLucy (voice)3

Kody Kavitha
CastActressSaanvi Patel ( voice)1

Cameron Esposito
CastActressRanger Tabes / Additional Voices (voice)2

Samuel Faraci
CastActorAdditional Voices (voice)1

Alison Fernandez
CastActressAdditional Voices (voice)5

CastActressEstellar (voice)1

Charlet Chung
CastActressMrs. Lee / Additional Voices (voice)1

Tom Bromhead
CastBaker / Additional Voices (voice)1

Luke Lowe
CastActorAdditional Voices (voice)1
PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes
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