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World on Fire

TV Show
1h 0m
BBC One, BBC iPlayer
2 Seasons
13 Episodes
Drama, War & Politics, War
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The story of World War II told through the intertwining fates of ordinary people from all sides of this global conflict as they grapple with the effect of the war on their everyday lives.
World on Fire Poster

World on Fire

TV Show
1h 0m
BBC One, BBC iPlayer
Drama, War & Politics, War
2 Seasons
13 Episodes
The story of World War II told through the intertwining fates of ordinary people from all sides of this global conflict as they grapple with the effect of the war on their everyday lives.
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Latest Episodes

Episode 1
Episode 1
Season 2 Episode 1
July 16th 2023
Episode 2
Episode 2
Season 2 Episode 2
July 16th 2023
Episode 3
Episode 3
Season 2 Episode 3
July 16th 2023
Episode 4
Episode 4
Season 2 Episode 4
July 16th 2023
Episode 5
Episode 5
Season 2 Episode 5
July 16th 2023
Episode 6
Episode 6
Season 2 Episode 6
July 16th 2023
Episode 7
Episode 7
Season 1 Episode 7
November 10th 2019
Episode 6
Episode 6
Season 1 Episode 6
November 3rd 2019
Episode 5
Episode 5
Season 1 Episode 5
October 27th 2019
Episode 4
Episode 4
Season 1 Episode 4
October 20th 2019
Jonah HauerKing
Harry Chase
Julia Brown
Lois Bennett
Helen Hunt
Nancy Campbell
Zofia Wichacz
Kasia Tomaszeski
Brian J Smith
Webster O'Connor
Parker Sawyers
Albert Fallou
Ewan Mitchell
Tom Bennett
Mateusz Wicawek
Grzegorz Tomaszeski
Sean Bean
Douglas Bennett
Victoria Mayer
Claudia Rossler
Tomasz Kot
Stefan Tomaszeski
Lesley Manville
Robina Chase
Alex Boxall
Glen Howell
Created By: Peter Bowker

Featured Comments/Tips

abtr says...
4 years ago
Forget about Netflix, Starz, HBO and whatever other producing companies out there. The BBC is where the good content is at. The production value on this is through the roof. The casting and acting were great (they even went as far as getting actors with a whole bunch of different nationalities so they'd be true to the character the were portraying). The writing was extremely compelling. I was hooked from episode one. The war aspect is starkly portrayed in all its horror, but the most compelling part, imo, was the human element, primarily presented thorough Harry who starts out being sort of naive, only to have a very rude awakening. But the fact the he doesn't lose his honorable, charitable, idealistic qualities even in the face of horror and heartbreak, was one of my favorite parts. The special effects and sets were also amazing and so very realistic. A definite 10/10. More people need to be watching this for sure!
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
Steffe73 says...
2 months ago
I really looking forward and hope they Will make Season 3
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
SpeedDemon says...
2 months ago
Season 1 - Not bad, quite interesting and certainly keeps you wanting more... until episode 7 when it all goes pear-shaped. 6/10 Harry (a translator, not a spy) gets a special mission to go deep into enemy lines in Poland - he's told he'll probably die before hitting the ground, find some people and bring them back to England. Why? Apparently for no reason what so ever cause once he gets back t Blighty the government don't want to talk to him or "the people" he was to bring back. We have zero idea how he manages to cross all of Nazi occupied Europe to return to England with said people. C'mon writer(s)... that's the best you could do? The entire scenario is predicable and unnecessary. Season 2 - oh dear.. they're letting the actors make shit up as they go along. Nothing is consistent. Looks like they blew the entire CGI budget on season one at Dunkirk and now they're left $5, a tootsie roll and some lint to pay for the CGI on Egypt and London! Not sure I'll watch past episode 2 to be honest... 0/10
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
Sicario says...
3 months ago
World on Fire Season 2 will premiere on MASTERPIECE on PBS Sunday, October 15, 2023, 9/8c!
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  001

Featured User Reviews

3 years ago
While it did featured a good cast, I found the storyline too distressing.
So it's kind of a glass half full, half empty situation for me.
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