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A Knight's Tale

2h 12m
Adventure, Drama, Romance, Action
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A Knights Tale' Poster
William Thatcher, a knight's peasant apprentice, gets a chance at glory when the knight dies suddenly mid-tournament. Posing as a knight himself, William won't stop until he's crowned tournament champion—assuming matters of the heart don't get in the way.
A Knights Tale Poster

A Knight's Tale

2h 12m
Adventure, Drama, Romance, Action
William Thatcher, a knight's peasant apprentice, gets a chance at glory when the knight dies suddenly mid-tournament. Posing as a knight himself, William won't stop until he's crowned tournament champion—assuming matters of the heart don't get in the way.
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Heath Ledger
William Thatcher
Rufus Sewell
Count Adhemar
Paul Bettany
Geoffrey Chaucer
Mark Addy
Brnice Bejo
Scott Handy
Leagh Conwell
Young William Thatcher
Steven ODonnell
Simon the Summoner
Jonathan Slinger
Peter the Pardoner
Nick Brimble
Sir Ector
Karel Dobr
Flanders King of Arms
Philip Lenkowsky
Rouen King of Arms
Petr Meissel
Sword Official
Matthew Mills
Colville's Herald
Daniel Rous
Local Earl Lagny
Miroslav Mokos
French Squire
Noel Le Bon
French Squire
Scott Bellefeville
French Squire
Directed By: Brian Helgeland
Written By: Brian Helgeland

Featured Comments/Tips

madhackrviper says...
one year ago
This movie is just so goddamn charming. The cast is great. The story is mostly formulaic and the anachronisms amount to basically a gimmick, but you have to be heartless not to be won over by its charm anyway.
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1010011011 says...
12 years ago
I'm going to become friends with a lama. Only on "the Life of Brian"-scale this movie would score as it does now (13 june 2012 86%)
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FinFan says...
7 months ago
I had better memories of this movie. But it's been twenty years (really ?!) so I probably saw it different then. To be honest, the story isn't very original and it's very predictable. And William isn't the most likeable character either. In a weird way the mix of medieval tale and contemporary style works. It makes it entertaining and the story almost becomes negligible. I found Christiana more beautiful but that's just me. Rufus Sewell gives you an adversary you love to hate. The Jousting scenes are absolutely awesome. It really pays off that those were done as in-camera stunts. Everytime a knight gets hit you kinda wince in your chair.
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Марлен says...
2 years ago
I understand why they cast Rufus Sewell as the baddy 80% of the time, he's got that perfect villainous face to fit the role. Pretty eyes.
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Featured User Reviews

4 years ago
Great watch, will watch again, and do recommend.

What a fantastic cast: I honestly don't know if you could have cast it better. Just thinking about Alan Tudyk, Heath Ledger, and Shannyn Sossamon makes me smile.

Everyone plays their roles fantasticly, taking their stock characters, and spinnin More
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one year ago
My dad, rest his soul, really liked this and at the time it came out I was a pretentious college student that had forsaken all things fun and couldn't understand what my father could possibly like about it.

And now I'm living in a world where someone makes a tweet with the president's head morphe More
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