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Fred Claus Poster

Fred Claus

1h 56m
Action, Comedy, Drama
Fred Claus and Santa Claus have been estranged brothers for many years. Now Fred must reconcile his differences with his brother whom he believes overshadows him. When an efficiency expert assesses the workings at the North Pole and threatens to shut Santa down, Fred must help his brother to save Christmas.
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Vince Vaughn
Fred Claus
Paul Giamatti
Nick (Santa) Claus
Miranda Richardson
Annette Claus
Rachel Weisz
Wanda Blinkowski
Kathy Bates
Mother Claus
Kevin Spacey
Clyde Archibald Northcutt
DJ Donnie
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Older Man Getting Parking Ticket
Roger Clinton Jr
Roger Clinton
Trevor Peacock
Papa Claus
Dylan Minnette
Orphanage Kid
Ethan Cutkosky
Carl (uncredited)
Liam James
Young Fred
Angela Curran
Old Woman Elf
Bobbe J Thompson
Samuel 'Slam' Gibbons
Frank Stallone
Frank Stallone
Stephen Baldwin
Stephen Baldwin
Allan Corduner
Dr. Goldfarb
Jordon Hull
Young Fred - 6 Yrs Old
Directed By: David Dobkin
Written By: Dan Fogelman (Screenplay), Jessie Nelson (Story)

Featured Comments/Tips

Jim222001 says...
one year ago
It has a rocky start and middle. It’s the last part where the Christmas spirit comes in and it is actually fun. There’s a lot of talking and arguing to get through before the movie gets good. Kevin Spacey steals the show though and is too good in a Christmas movie. When he is a jerk who wants to ruin Christmas.
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jarvis-8243417 says...
3 years ago
Fred Claus is a fun, refreshing Christmas film thanks in part to the unique brand of comedy that Vince Vaughn brings. When Santa Claus’ estranged brother Fred gets into a bit of trouble he accepts an invitation to visit the North Pole. The casting is terrific; Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti make a great comedic pairing and deliver a ton of laughs (assisted by some excellent cameos). The story’s also quite entertaining and has a good message. A modern Christmas classic, Fred Claus is a great family film that everyone can enjoy.
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Jim222001 says...
5 years ago
There’s some laughs and some good heart felt moments “towards the end.” You just have to get through a lot of Vince Vaughn rambling to get there. As well as too many argue mental scenes for a family film.
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blueskiesdreamer says...
6 years ago
fed up with this, cant get a darn stream !! #ShiftvW8
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Featured User Reviews

2 years ago
Decent watch at best, probably won't watch again, but can recommend for off-brand holiday movies.

While I like watching Vince Vaughn beat up Santa Claus as much as the next person, I'm not a big Vince Vaughn fan. I'd rather see what Paul Giamotti can do with the Santa role, honestly.

Kevin Sp More
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John Chard
5 years ago
Fred Claus (2007)

Saving Christmas and Building Bridges.

It does exactly what it says on the Xmas Movie Tin. Poorly received by the critics and equally unsupported by the internet hordes, Fred Claus may be guilty of sentimentality, but for those in need of a pick me up during yuletide then it More
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