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Goddamned Asura Poster

Goddamned Asura

1h 54m
Drama, Crime
On his 18th birthday, Jan Wen shoots randomly at the crowds in a night market for unknown reasons. The tragic incident causes a strong impact on the lives of his family and friends, the victims and the witnesses. However, if there was a chance for them to make different choices, would the tragedy still happen? Will it be a different outcome if they all changed their behaviour at the crucial moment?
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Devin Pan
Axing (Xu Axing)
YuXuan Wang
Linlin (Zero/Lin Jialin)
Lai HaoZhe
Sheng (Shine/Hu Sheng)
Mok ChiYee
Mold (Mei Junzi)
Ding Ning
Jan Wen's mom
Shih Yihsiu
Jan Wen's dad
WeiChieh Shu
Math teacher
Chihju Lin
Village chief
HsinYu Ling
Virtual Zero
Zachariah Chang
Axing's fuck mate
Ray Yu
Mr. Zheng's gang
Lucy Chen
Vita's manager
Chen YenTso
Vita's assistant
Steven Sun
Manager Hung
EnYong Wang
Squid soup vendor
Yulao Yukan
Sheng's dad
Diana Tai
Sheng's mom
MingYu Chou
Jan's attorney
JuiTzu Liu
Plainclothes DEA police
Lo Nenghua
Plainclothes DEA police
Directed By: Yi-an Lou
Written By: Yi-an Lou

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