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Hell Up In Harlem Poster

Hell Up In Harlem

1h 34m
Action, Thriller
Tougher than Shaft and smoother than Superfly, this high-voltage sequel to Black Caesar explodes with enough action to incinerate New York City. Packed with machine-gun mayhem and riveting adventure, Hell Up in Harlem is nothing less than a modern-day tribute to the classic 30s gangster film. Fred Williamson is Tommy Gibbs, a fearless, bulletproof tough guy who blasts his way from the gutter to become the ultimate soul brother boss. Tommy steals a ledger with the name of every crooked cop and man in the city. Enlisting the aid of his father and an army of Harlem hoods, Gibbs goes from defense to offense, launching a deadly attack on his enemies that sets off a violent chain reaction from Harlem all the way to the Caribbean, climaxing in one of the hottest turf-war shoot-outs in Hollywood history.
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Fred Williamson
Tommy Gibbs
Julius Harris
Papa Gibbs
Gloria Hendry
Helen Bradley
Margaret Avery
Sister Jennifer
DUrville Martin
Reverend Rufus
Gerald Gordon
Mr. DiAngelo
Ty Randolph
Tough Bikini Woman
Directed By: Larry Cohen
Written By: Larry Cohen (Screenplay)

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John Chard
5 years ago
Serious side-burns is back!

After the success of Black Caesar earlier in the year, this sequel was rushed into production to hopefully cash in on the clamour for Blaxploitation shenanigans. Sadly it's a rush job that is all too evidently half baked.

Plot has Fred Wiliamson return as Tommy Gibb More
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