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The Five Devils Poster

The Five Devils

1h 36m
Drama, Fantasy, Romance
8-year-old Vicky has a mysterious gift: she can recreate any scent she comes across, even that of her beloved mother Joanne. When her estranged aunt Julia suddenly returns to town, the invocation of her fragrance plunges the young girl back in time to unravel a past replete with family secrets.
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Sally Dram
Vicky Soler
Swala Emati
Julia Soler
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La petite fille de la fin
Directed By: Léa Mysius
Written By: Léa Mysius (Screenplay), Paul Guilhaume (Screenplay)

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Acoucalancha says...
11 months ago
>*"Did you love me before I existed?"* Family drama mixed with some romance and a small touch of fantasy. This is a rare occasion where going in blind didn't do any good. Not knowing what genre it would settle on or where the story was going ruined it a little. The movie ended and I was like: "ah, turns out this was a romance story". I was waiting for the fantasy elements to resurface but they never did. It felt extremely unfocused and unpredictable, not in a good way. Judging it for what it is though, this was a decent romance story with layered characters and an interesting coming of age story that explores the past and the present. The mother daughter storyline was my favorite, the two actors did awesome. The whole cast did great, liked the needle drops, beautifully shot and totally weird and original. I can't say i'm satisfied with the end result though. A minute of silence for the octopus.
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smallkindnessesmp3 says...
6 months ago
1. how badly do you want to live and what will you risk for life. 2. terrible situation for all involved 3. i reiterate, :pound_symbol:abortthatthang
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Featured User Reviews

9 months ago
"Vicky" (Sally Dramé) lives with her school swimming coach mother "Joanne" (Adèle Exarchopoulos) and fireman father "Jimmy" (Moustapha Mbengue). Despite a fair degree of quite nasty teasing from her schoolmates, she is a happy enough child who has an astonishing gift. She has the most acute sense More
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