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Manhattan Baby Poster

Manhattan Baby

1h 29m
A young girl on vacation in Egypt is given a mysterious charm, causing her archeologist father to be struck blind inside an unexplored pyramid tomb. But when the family returns home to Manhattan, a plague of supernatural evil and sudden violence follows. Can this ancient curse be stopped before it is unleashed on the streets of New York City?
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Christopher Connelly
Professor George Hacker
Laura Lenzi
Emily Hacker
Brigitta Boccoli
Susie Hacker
Giovanni Frezza
Tommy Hacker
Cosimo Cinieri
Adrian Mercato
Andrea Bosic
Lucio Fulci
Dr. Forrester
Martin Sorrentino
Caretaker (uncredited)
Nat Bush
Caretaker (uncredited)
Directed By: Lucio Fulci
Written By: Dardano Sacchetti (Story), Elisa Briganti (Screenplay), + 1 more

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2/10  2 years ago
I honestly don't know if I can say enough bad about this movie. Don't be fooled by the fact that it's a Lucio Fulci movie; it actually is. But it's not a "zombie" movie, if you're looking for zombies. It's incredibly stupid, slow, dull, uninteresting, full of bratty kids (that you hope will get devo More
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CONTAINS SPOILERS4/10  one year ago
Per the movie's synopsis, I thought this was going to be an _Exorcist_ rip off, and it is... but not until late in the second act, and only two scenes. No, this is more of a _Poltergeist_ rip off.
So, Fulci fans are going to enjoy the familiar look and feel here, but even hardcore Fulci fans are g More
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