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Memory Poster


1h 54m
Action, Thriller, Crime
Alex, an assassin-for-hire, finds that he's become a target after he refuses to complete a job for a dangerous criminal organization. With the crime syndicate and FBI in hot pursuit, Alex has the skills to stay ahead, except for one thing: he is struggling with severe memory loss, affecting his every move. Alex must question his every action and whom he can ultimately trust.
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Liam Neeson
Alex Lewis
Guy Pearce
Vincent Serra
Taj Atwal
Linda Amistead
Monica Bellucci
Davana Sealman
Ray Stevenson
Detective Danny Mora
Louis Mandylor
Drunk Broker
Ray Fearon
Special Agent Gerald Nussbaum
Lee Boardman
Rebecca Calder
Wendy Van Camp
Natalie Anderson
Maryanne Borden
Harold Torres
Randy Sealman
Atanas Srebrev
Dr. Joseph Myers
Scot Williams
Ellis Van Camp
Kate Nichols
Davana Sealman's Assistant
Trevor Van Uden
SWAT Commander
Doug Rao
Andy Villalobos
Daniel De Bourg
Willam Borden
Mia Sanchez
Beatriz Leon
Directed By: Martin Campbell
Written By: Dario Scardapane (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

w2m says...
2 years ago
It would have been a solid 6 in the first hour, but then the writers quit and the shit hit the fan. It started by him being shot through the back of the car and then the utterly irrational storyline with the bakery. I mean, the bakery he burnt down 50 years ago is just around the corner and he is hiding there? What are the chances? LOL Poor Liam, your choice of C-movies and apprentice writers is only topped by Bruce Willis - and sadly he really got Alzheimer's. Oh boy... This is so bad.
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Wither says...
2 years ago
Liam is no longer in shape to this kind of movies. At least in this one they "took advantage" of his age, and somewhat was more accordingly that many of his last movies taken-style. Still, pretty boring. He should start to leave the front sit, at least in this kind of movies. Taken was great, a couple more that came after that one (forgot the names between so many he made), but its enough. It's been almost 15 years, you are not in shape for this genre anymore. Again, at least as the "main hero". You can still be the cool uncle who can kick your ass, but instead plays golf and drinks beers on the porshe
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jordanvic says...
2 years ago
i wish i had no Memory of ever watching this.
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Smirnoffico says...
2 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
This movie is much better that the scores show. It's not a masterpiece by any means, but the premise is a good one and it touches on several moments that, if explored, would make a great movie like Lewis watching news about a hit and wondering if he did and doesn't remember. It's a solid genre flick , a bit predicatable yet actors are giving enough for it to be entertaining. Oh and the scene where [spoiler] Lewis forgets to insert the pin into the gun is gold. [/spoiler]
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Featured User Reviews

5/10  9 months ago
At the end of the day, Memory (2022) is merely another of those 'well-meaning' and 'well-spoken' star playing at lawmaker outings that is professionally assembled on the surface but shoots only blanks. The pressing fact it could have been actually far worse and shillier without a crusty old trade ve More
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The Movie Mob
12 months ago
**Memory isn't terrible, but it's a little too slow for an action thriller and isn't edgy enough for a crime thriller. Sadly, Memory is forgettable.**

I'm a big Liam Neeson fan. He trained Batman and Obi-Wan, led the A-Team and the Men in Black, and had the most intimidating and awesome phone cal More
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Chris Sawin
2 years ago
_Memory_ juggles so many subplots to unsatisfactory results. It’s as if the story throws a ball in the air for every concept in the film (Alzheimer’s, human trafficking, the FBI vs the police, rich people getting whatever they want, etc) only to allow each ball to smack against the ground withou More
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