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Morvern Callar

1h 37m
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Morvern Callar' Poster
After her boyfriend commits suicide, a young woman attempts to use the unpublished manuscript of a novel and a sum of money he left behind to reinvent her life.
Morvern Callar Poster

Morvern Callar

1h 37m
After her boyfriend commits suicide, a young woman attempts to use the unpublished manuscript of a novel and a sum of money he left behind to reinvent her life.
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Directed By: Lynne Ramsay
Written By: Lynne Ramsay (Screenplay), Alan Warner (Novel), + 1 more

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soonertbone says...
5 months ago
One thing about people who are drunk or high: things are way more interesting to them than they are to outsiders. And this was a movie that left me feeling distinctly aware that I was on the outside looking in, meaning that I participated as a viewer and didn’t find myself feeling a lot of empathy or connection with the characters. Still a lovely performance by Morton and a great soundtrack, but I left wanting more.
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AdamMorgan says...
2 years ago
I really wanted to love this movie more than I did. At front and center is a young woman who recently lost her boyfriend (details withheld) and decides to go on a series of adventures with his money. As the story continues the girl devolves into some kind of nihilistic shell of herself. That's all well and good - while there was a ton of nuance in the main character as time went on it became less interesting to me. follow me at https://IHATEBadMovies.com or facebook IHATEBadMovies
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moonkodi says...
6 years ago
I like dialogue and at least some plot development in my drama. It just kind of works in telling a story. This pretty much had none and basks in the set up of grief. It looks pretty grim or grimly pretty, with the odd piece of music to stimulate in either a predictable contrast or pretentious way. Not my cup of tea. I don't see how it gets such good reviews. It felt like a medoicre photography art student made it.
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