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Next Goal Wins

1h 44m
Comedy, Drama
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Next Goal Wins' Poster
Dutch coach Thomas Rongen attempts the nearly impossible task of turning the American Samoa soccer team from perennial losers into winners.
Next Goal Wins Poster

Next Goal Wins

1h 44m
Comedy, Drama
Dutch coach Thomas Rongen attempts the nearly impossible task of turning the American Samoa soccer team from perennial losers into winners.
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Michael Fassbender
Thomas Rongen
Jaiyah Saelua
Taika Waititi
American Samoan Priest
Will Arnett
Alex Magnussen
Uli Latukefu
Nicky Salapu
Sisa Grey
Convenient Store Cashier
Wil Kahele
'Who's on the Plane' Reporter
Rhys Darby
Rhys Marlin
Angus Sampson
Angus Bendleton
Kaitlyn Dever
Nicole (voice)
Levy Tuiala
Chief Sila
Patrick Mullen
Tongan Player #2
Don Nahaku
Tongan Coach
Directed By: Taika Waititi
Written By: Taika Waititi (Screenplay), Iain Morris (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

weissblut says...
3 months ago
It’s a quirky feel-good comedy with loads of great performances. Naysayers will tell you that you can’t enjoy nice movies for what they are, that you need fast paced action and time jumps and all the things that make movies today, all to hide what is missing from most of nowadays flicks: heart. Honestly, Taika does it best when he tells these small stories. Bravo, 7.5.
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AlfieSGD says...
3 months ago
Even though I can still relate to Taika Waititi's humor, it has lost some of its appeal. After all, the jokes aren't really that varied. In "Next Goal Wins", the humor is squeezed into a rather generic sports film formula. The characters work quite well overall, but they did not elicit strong emotional responses from me. The predictable emotional climax, in particular, left me rather cold. Nevertheless, I didn't regret going to the movies; for fans of the director, it's still an enjoyable experience.
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hgram says...
5 months ago
I can't imagine what kind of dirt Taika must have on Fassbender... there's literally no other explanation for him taking this role
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Saint Pauly says...
5 months ago
Like the word 'good': it means well but doesn't go hard enough. This underdog sports flick about soccer qualifications in American Samoa feels like a remake of Cool Runnings. Waititi gives the film charm and a couple laugh-out-loud moments, but if the movie were a soccer team it wouldn't get past the group stage. The movie does, however, make me want to watch the 2014 documentary about the American Samoan team, also called 'Next Goal Wins '. The best part of this film, though, is absolutely the focus on Jaiyah Saelua, a faʻafafine (Polynesian term for a person of a third gender) who was the first non-binary and trans woman athlete to compete in a FIFA World Cup qualifier. She is played by Kaimana, a Samoan faʻafafine who makes me wish I were years younger so I could dream of taking her to dinner. :heart_eyes:
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Featured User Reviews

9/10  3 months ago
The problem about "nice" films and "simple" films is twofold... those adjectives sound bland and uninviting, and should you rate them highly it sets expectations that can almost never be met. But this is a nice, simple film and I loved it. Some critics have had a cra k at Taika about his cheesy sens More
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6/10  4 months ago
It was okay. Just okay. Nothing spectacular, nothing terrible either.

I think the same way _Taika Waititi_'s last movie, _Thor: Love and Thunder_ was flawed with lots and lots of cheesy often even bad jokes, _Next Goal Wins_ is flawed. If you ask me the jokes are better than in _Thor: Love and Th More
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4 months ago
If you've seen "12 Mighty Orphans" (2021) or "The Shiny Shrimps" (2019) then you'll know what to expect as Taika Waititi takes the same template and applies it to football. Here it's the adequate Michael Fassbender who gets to portray the down on his luck coach (Thomas Rongen) in this factually base More
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Chris Sawin
5 months ago
A story with all the proper beats lives here, even if the film rambles and tampers off into ridiculousness when it has no reason to. But even with its flaws and redundant humor fatigue, _Next Goal Wins_ stands out as Taika Waititi’s most coherent film since Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

**Full rev More
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