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2h 2m
Horror, Thriller, Mystery
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After losing their baby, a married couple adopt 9-year old Esther, who may not be as innocent as she seems.
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2h 2m
Horror, Thriller, Mystery
After losing their baby, a married couple adopt 9-year old Esther, who may not be as innocent as she seems.
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Vera Farmiga
Kate Coleman
Peter Sarsgaard
John Coleman
CCH Pounder
Sister Abigail
Aryana Engineer
Max Coleman
Jimmy Bennett
Daniel Coleman
Margo Martindale
Dr. Browning
Karel Roden
Dr. Värava
Rosemary Dunsmore
Grandma Barbara
Brendan Wall
Genelle Williams
Sister Judith
Mustafa Abdelkarim
Daniel's Friend #1
Landon Norris
Daniel's Friend #2
Julien Elia
Hospital Receptionist
Leni Parker
Delivery Room Nurse
Pia Ajango
Saarne Institute Receptionist
Matthew Raudsepp
Saarne Institute Orderly
Luis Oliva
ICU Nurse
Ferelith Young
Waiting Room Nurse
Andrew Shaver
Injection Doctor
Directed By: Jaume Collet-Serra
Written By: David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (Screenplay), Alex Mace (Story)

Featured Comments/Tips

Katana666 says...
5 years ago
I knew that plot twist was coming. It's a great thriller, not really a horror movie. Same for Hereditary.
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moonkodi says...
7 years ago
It's OK. It tries to be different. Good child acting.
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manicure says...
3 years ago
So gimmicky and formulaic it's not even worth discussing, but there are a couple of interesting plot ideas and the choice for the lead was perfect. It was alright halfway through but loses itself towards the ending. The main problem is that it's staged so poorly that it has zero suspense, but at least is packed with unintentional laughing out loud moments. That kick in the last scene was definitely memorable.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
CinemanicBonkers says...
8 years ago
Finally got around to watching this film, I new the twist already, but that didn't really bother me.. I like smart horrors with a twist, i enjoyed this film, packed with lots of action all the way with a great cast, and some brilliant acting from Isabelle Fuhrman. Get it watched!
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Featured User Reviews

Andre Gonzales
8 months ago
This is a great movie. It's one of those movies you can only watch once though. Any more after that you know what's going on. Great ending but it ruins the movie from ever watching it again. Can't wait to see the sequel though.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
6 years ago
Isabelle Fuhrman gives an epic performance. I can't really say too much without giving away spoilers, but I can see why she ended up being Clove!
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2 years ago
I had a problem with this right from the start. Just how this young girl from eastern Europe managed to get herself placed in a wealthy American family without any semblance of blood or DNA checks to establish - for real - that she was who the father "John" (Peter Sarsgaard) desperately wanted her t More
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