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Perfect Strangers

1h 37m
Comedy, Drama
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Perfect Strangers' Poster
During a dinner, a group of friends decide to share whatever message or phone call they will receive during the evening, with unforeseen consequences.
Perfect Strangers Poster

Perfect Strangers

1h 37m
Comedy, Drama
During a dinner, a group of friends decide to share whatever message or phone call they will receive during the evening, with unforeseen consequences.
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Directed By: Paolo Genovese
Written By: Paolo Genovese (Story), Rolando Ravello (Screenplay), + 3 more

Featured Comments/Tips

d.gergo says...
6 years ago
This movie teaches us an important lesson about being honest. It might seem easy to get away with our little secrets, however innocent they might feel like. But technology is a double-edged weapon! Just make sure you have nothing to hide, be true to yourself and others. I loved how the movie ended, never anticipated something like that.
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imlazyy//// says...
6 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
not a fan of love-related movies but it is much more realistic for a love-themed movie. that's the life itself. nothing less nothing more. "people should learn to split up" that summarizes the whole movie
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lestat37 says...
6 years ago
It is a very good movie! A typical early summer dinner in Rome between friends. Sometime the truth game can be very dangerous... Imagine if the mobile phones are the protagonist of the game... All the actors are fantastic!
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Maarten Delfgou says...
10 months ago
The original title of the film is Perfetti Sconosciuti.
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Featured User Reviews

8/10  6 years ago
mmm fajny film.. niezłe dialogi.. wartka akcja.. pomimo, że całość właściwie toczy się w jednym mieszkaniu, przy jednej kolacji.. trochę jak rzeź polańskiego, ale weselej;) kurcze.. zazdrościłam.. tej atmosfery, szóstki przyjaciół, którzy raczej jedzą, są, przekomarzają się, i w More
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4 years ago
> Is your cell phone safe to make a transparency?

Usually the films based on the dinner party associate with either family or the friends reunion and sometimes business related affair. But there's always a reason for such gathering like it might be a wedding, funeral, anniversary, a school reunio More
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6/10  2 years ago
"Perfect Strangers" is a homage to old Italian-style comedy but also a fresh and contemporary film at the same time. A group of friends meets for one of their usual dinner parties, and decide to play a game where they share the content of all text messages and phone calls they receive.
The More
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